How to Take Care of Car Paint

For most car drivers, “judging a book by its cover” means judging a car by its paint. Don’t neglect the outward look of your car! Here’s how to take care of car paint.

how to take care of car paint

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Like many things that are worth doing, maintaining your car paint requires some time investment. You can do it yourself if you have time. But if you are busy and have some cash to spare, then just take it to a car wash and detailing company.

Here are several tips on how to take care of car paint.

Washing your car.

Depending on your location and how you use your car, you may need to have a carwash at least two times a month. For areas that are near the sea, in polluted cities, or if you just go near lots of trees, bugs, grime, and dirt, once a week (or more) may be ideal.

Washing your car will remove dirt and grime and prevent the accumulation of corrosive dirt that could lead to corrosion and rusting of your car’s body. Rust is not a pretty sight. Besides, it can slowly eat away at your car until it starts falling apart.

Choose a proper wax for polishing

Consider getting a wax for your car. Since your car is brand spanking, shiny, new, a wax could help protect the paint. Choose a wax that is compatible with your car’s color. You can apply the wax manually by yourself. But for best results, consider getting it to a professional detailing shop who may have the powertools that could polish your car to perfection.

You may need to reapply wax every few months. But make sure not to overuse such products because they may reduce the shine of your car’s color. So use such products only after you have verified its compatibility and know how to use it.

Paint Conditioners

Paint conditioners can provide a good amount of protection after you have bought a new car or recently did a paint job. Avoid using abrasive paint conditioners as they can pull the shine off your car body. Make sure to use paint conditioners that will provide protection against abrasion. Spray them over your car in small amounts. Don’t hesitate to take an expert help if you aren’t sure about what you’re doing.

Use Proper Cleaning Materials

Avoid scratching the exterior of the vehicle by using soft terry clothes. Use the right materials with care. You will not want any scratches on the surface of your car, especially if it is brand spanking new.Be sure to follow the instructions properly, or you could cause more harm than not.


To ensure the longevity of your car paint, you can do more than just following the previous tips. As your car gets old, its outer metal can become vulnerable to oxidization. If you have repainted your car but its metal has become fragile then the shiny new color of your car will remain of no use as the exterior will start to get damaged. Thus, it is extremely important to undercoat your car and making it rust proof. This will provide a better and long lasting protection to the surface of the exterior of your vehicle as well as help you preserve the paint, especially in humid parts of the world.

Fix Scratches Immediately

Scratches are an ordinary part of owning a car. Sometimes they could be caused by your recklessness or minor mistake. Or some dumbass driver grazes your car. Either way, scratches can mar your car’s beauty. But it’s not just about the look of your car, you need to fix scratches immediately so they don’t become the starting point of rust.

You can use touch up paint to cover the scratch and then you can use a rubbing compound to make the surface look smooth. But the same procedure cannot be followed if the scratch is a deeper one. A scratch on the surface of the paint is easily recoverable but if the metal of the car is greatly exposed, it will be a good idea to look for a professional help. They will sand off the nearby paints and repaint that part after applying a layer of primer.

Before buying any products from the market to keep the paint of your car intact, you should check the type of products you need and the type of paint that has been used for better compatibility and longevity. Once the selection of products has been done, you can follow the above tips to keep the new paint of your car spotless and lively.

How to Clean Rubber Car Mats

Rubber mats can be the dirtiest part of your car. They absorb dirt and grime from your shoes. When kids (or grownups, too) drop milk, chocolate, chips, or any other food stuff, gravity will pull them towards the waiting arms of your mats!

And when you step on dog’s poo, or any other animal’s, then that yucky stuff will be there in your mats. If you don’t clean it up right away, you probably deserve to have the worst smell in your car!

You can get a new rubber car mat by buying on an auto parts store or via Amazon for about $20. But if you want to save some bucks, you should consider washing and reusing them. Unlike a carpet mat, rubber is durable and can last longer. Here’s how to clean rubber car mats in a few, easy steps.

how to clean rubber car mats

Take your rubber mats out of the car. Shake ’em and clap ’em together like a bird’s wings to loosen small food items that must have been stuck. Pebbles, dust, and dirt could also come off just by your shaking.

Rinse the rubber mat with water. Use a high-pressure hose to remove stubborn dirt that have clung to the mat since the last time you cleaned it up (or maybe since you bought it and put it in your car!) If you’re at a DIY car wash, consider washing the rubber mats alongside your car with the high pressure hose and brush.

Use your preferred cleaning solution. If you have several bucks to spare, consider getting this Complete Car Care Kit from Meguiar’s. Make sure that the solution you choose is mild enough for rubber.

Get a tire brush or anything with long and stiff bristles. Spray your rubber mat with the cleaning solution and scrub the dirt out of the mat until you’ve covered every nook and cranny of the ridges of your mat. You may need to do it for a few minutes just to get at all the dirt.

Blast the rubber mat once more with the high pressure hose to remove the dirt and the cleaning solution. Please, DON’T DRY YOUR MATS IN THE SUN unless you want your mats to fade and crack, and well, make their way to the dumpster more quickly.

Instead, dry it with a microfiber towel. If it’s a breezy day, you can also dry them in the shade. Do not put them back into the car until they are completely dry. Otherwise, you’re just inviting molds and rust in the floor of your car.

This is simply the best way to clean rubber car mats! It’s simple, effective, and will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Don’t use rubber or vinyl protectant or anything that contains silicone for repelling water. They tend to make the rubber slippery. When you’re driving, you don’t want your foot slipping under the wheel. It’s just unsafe.

Remember to clean your rubber mats and your car floor regularly. No matter the season, it’s always a good idea to keep the interior of your car clean and smelling good!

DashCam Review: AUTO-VOX D1 Full HD Dashboard Camera

In the market for a dashcam? Read this review of the Auto-Vox D1 Full HD Dashboard Camera. Don’t forget to read our guide to buying a Dash Camera.

Dash Cam AUTO-VOX D1 Car Recorder Full HD 1080P 2.7'' DVR Dashboard Camera with Super Night Vision, G-Sensor & Loop Recording Free 32G Mirco Card
  • Superior Night-vision by high class f1.6 Six-Glass multi-layer filter wide Angle lenses and unique WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) video system.
  • G-Sensor will let the DVR lock the file in case of the severe vehicle collision, which can be the strong evidence of the traffic disputes.
  • Guarded Parking can be considered as a perfect police eyes, recording everything happen around your car when you leave.
  • You will get the 32GB TF card for FREE, which can contain 6 hours of 1080p video recording. The latest piece of videos will automatically overwrite the unlocked oldest videos, which will enhance...
  • 145 degree wide angle lens and 360 degree rotation bracket allow you to record the beautiful scenery from different shooting angle

Average Amazon Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 70+ reviews


  • Equipped with a night vision with Wide Dynamic Range and a f1.6 six-glass multi-layer filter wide angle lenses.
  • If you encounter an accident, its G-sensor will lock the DVR file to prevent writing over the file.
  • When you park, its Guarded Parking feature will monitor and record whatever happens around your car.
  • This product comes with a free 32GB TF card. This will cover over 6 hours of HD (1080p) video recording

This dash cam provides all the benefits of a regular cameras but with a compact screen size of 2.7 inches.

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How to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

With Spring and Summer coming earlier than usual, we better get used to really hot temperatures! With temperatures ranging from 80-100°F in the heat of summer, you should expect your car to feel like an oven. If you’re not a dough, then that is not a nice place to be in. Here’s how to keep your car cool in the summer.

how to keep your car cool in the summer

As you park and before leaving your car…

Park in a garage or under the shade.

If you have a garage, by all means, park there. It will protect your car from the elements, and you avoid entering a furnace on a hot summer day. If your office provides covered parking, go there and park.

If you live in an apartment complex or you don’t have a garage, you don’t really have a choice but to park outside and leave your car exposed to the elements.

But you can be smart about it. Choose a shaded area, whether behind a building or under the shade. You should also be mindful of where the East and the West are–because if you park in a shaded area in the morning, your car might be exposed to the sun in the afternoon. It’s better to have your car exposed to the sun in the morning, and shaded in the afternoon, which will help cool the car before you go home.

Be careful where you park, though. If you park under a tree, and the branches are flimsy and weak, it might fall on your car, and you will have more troubles worse than a hot car.

Image: davidd

Image: davidd

Cover your car with a sunshade or a window visor.

sunshadeA sunshade could help deflect sunlight and heat from your car. It cannot keep away all the heat, but it can help keep your car cooler. You should also consider putting a sunshade in the rear window, too.

Get the Shade-It Windshield sunshade. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, it is a reliable sunshade that can fit in your car door’s small compartment area when folded.

You can also get the Enovoe sunshade for the passenger windows, which are specially useful if you have kids or passengers in the car.

Cover your dashboard.

You can go to Amazon and order a dashboard cover. When you buy, make sure to check if it fits your car year and model. This dashboard cover will help you avoid touching vinyl surfaces, which can become really hot if left under the heat of the sun. The dash cover will also protect your dashboard from fading and cracking because of the heat during the summer, or cold during the winter.

dashboard cover

Use a hand towel to cover your steering wheel.

One of the things you probably hate as much as I do is to touch a really hot steering wheel. And even if you blast the A/C in full, it takes some time before the steering wheel cools down. If you cover it with a hand towel, the towel will get really hot, but your hands won’t burn.

Leave a small opening in your windows.

Do not roll the windows all the way down. That would be a big invitation for thieves to come and get all your valuables. Leaving a small opening in your windows will provide ventilation, which will keep air flowing through your car. This way, it won’t trap the heat, and your car will be cooler.

Make sure, however, that the small opening in your window is really small–and will not provide space for even a thin arm.

solar powered car ventUse a solar-powered car vent.

If you live in a place with really high temperatures, having a solar-powered car vent will prevent heat from building up inside your car. You can use this car vent as with a small opening in the windows. This kind of product usually costs only about $20. Totally worth the investment!

The Audew Solar Power Car Vent can work well if your car is under direct sunlight. If you park in the shade, this device might not work very well.

Throw blankets over your seats.

Keeping a blanket in your car is a must during the winter. But it could also be a good idea to keep one during the summer, especially for cars with leather or vinyl seats. To keep these kinds of car seats cool, cover them with blankets. Yes, the blanket will be hot, but the seats will not be as hot.

As you enter your car, before you leave…

Let out some of the heat before you enter the car.

Unless your car is a getaway car and you’re being chased by the bad guys, it wouldn’t hurt to wait for a few minutes before entering your car. Just leave the door open before entering.

If you left a small opening in your windows, or if you use a solar-powered car vent, allowing some of the heat to leave your car shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. You might even avoid sweating a lot before starting the car engine.

Tweak the settings of your AC and vent.

Don’t set your AC on recirculation. Instead, allow fresh air to come in when you enter the car. The former will just make the hot air inside move around your car. Wait for about 5-10 minutes before turning it to recirculation.

Remember that cold air drops and hot air rises. It’s so tempting to direct the cool air of your AC towards you, but directing the AC or fresh air through the bottom vents will help push away the hot air through your windows or sunroof. Leave some of your windows or sunroof open so the hot air can escape.

Put ice packs near your blowing dash vents.

If you want to save time cooling your car, put some ice packs in front of your blowing dash vents. It will even increase the speed of driving away all the hot air trapped inside your car.

More Tips to Keep Car Cool During the Summer

Invest on window tint.

Reducing the amount of sunlight that enter your car will help keep it cool. But before you do this, research the laws of your state and community. You wouldn’t want to get window tinting that will lead to a ticket from an officer.

Consider buying a cooling car seat.

It’s a pain to sit on a really hot car seat! Sometimes, it feels like your butt is being roasted!

Newer car models feature seats that can be warmed during the winter. If you have an older car or if this is not an option with your car, look for your options. A search on Amazon will lead you to look at the following popular, reasonably priced cooling car seats:


Summers just seem to keep getting hotter. Thanks to available gadgets and technologies, we have tools available for us to keep our cars cool in the summer.

Always remember to stay hydrated and safe during the dry and hot summer months!

How to Take Care of Leather & Car Interior

In addition to maintaining the outside look of your car, you also need to keep it clean on the inside. Here’s how to take care of leather & car interior.

Image credit: dave_7

Image credit: dave_7

Taking care of your car interior is just as important as cleaning the exterior of your car. Most of us spend our Sunday mornings cleaning and detailing our car’s exterior but we inevitably ignore the most important part of our car-the interiors.

Since you’ll be staying and smelling the interior of your car, you might as well give it the lovin’ it deserves. Cleaning the outside can be as simple as a trip to the car wash and having a comprehensive wax job. But maintaining the inside of your car can be tricky and it is not that easy. Here are some tips to keep your car’s interior neat and clean.


Vacuuming the seats and the carpet of your car is still the best way to keep your car interiors clean and sanitary. It is not only the most efficient way to eliminate dust and dirt beneath the floor mats and on the top of your seats. It is also an effective way to remove the debris and waste which accumulates in every corner of your car.

If you really want the best outcome, use a high powered vacuum which comes with various accessories so that you can clean the hard-to-reach areas of your car. The accessories will help you to reach those tricky places and will clean out those dirty materials within a blink of an eye.

A coin operated vacuum is a good option to go for. You will find these at car washes. But even with all these instruments, when it comes to cleaning the floor mats, you will need to take out the mats from your car and give them a good shake to get rid of that excess dirt before you start vacuuming.

Fabric Upholstery

Vacuuming can do an excellent job in getting rid of dirt from the carpets, floor mats, and seats. But there are some places in your car that need special care with extra TLC. After you get rid of the pollutant material, it may leave some marks or spots. Sometimes it leads to the discoloration of the fabric.

To get rid of these stains, use a carpet and upholstery cleaner. These cleaners use specially formulated chemicals which go deep into your seats and carpets but without damaging them. Keep in mind that these are powerful chemicals and you would want to avoid a high amount of moisture because these chemicals encourage mold development. In case of mats, you will find high quality floor mats in the stores which are already coated with Scotchgard. In case of rubber floor mats, a good power wash will get rid of that stubborn dirt and grime from your car.

Leather Upholstery

If you have spent a lot of money and bought leather seats for your car, you need to take good care of them. Keep them in their best shape. Besides looking bad, it may also significantly decrease your car’s resale value. A high power vacuum is an excellent way to remove the surface dust from any seat. This is the initial step. But to take exceptional care of your precious leather seats you need to use special leather cleaner followed by a leather conditioner to add another protective layer.


You may not have noticed it as you are looking at the road while driving; your car’s dashboard collects a lot of dirt and dust. So after the initial vacuuming phase you need to use a microfiber dust cloth on the dashboard to remove the dirt that may have missed by the vacuum cleaner, to give it a new shiny look.

After this, use a protectant like Armor All, straight on to the dashboard to keep it from fading, cracking and peeling. These protectants prevent sun’s UV rays from damaging the color of your interior. The steering wheel is also a part of the dashboard so you need to need to put some protectant on it too.


Image: openpad

Image: openpad

Ever driven a car with dirty windows? It’s a pain, right? The dirt and grime can block your view of the road and your side mirror. Clean windows mean greater visibility. You need to get rid of different smears, fingerprints etc. It will give you a better view of the outside as well as make your car look gorgeous.

Buy a glass cleaner that uses a water repellent formula which will wipe away water easily and give you better visibility. Just use something that won’t leave any mark on the glass. But beware that glass cleaners do not work well with tinted windows; they can also damage the heating materials which de-frost and fog your windshield. Glass cleaners you use on the house windows have ammonia, which in time will make the heating materials useless.

Ceiling and Carpeting

Floor carpets and the car ceiling are the most used and the most tortured part of the interior. It attracts the most dirt and grime. To keep all of it good as new, proper cleaning at the right time is a must. After vacuuming, get hold of a soft yet sturdy brush and rub the carpet and the ceiling with an all-round cleaning solution. You can find a lot of cleaners in the market now. Work your way slowly and steadily attacking each and every corner. This will get rid of those tough stains and spots. After this cleaning process, do not forget to dry the whole area with a microfiber towel to have a clean and shiny car ceiling and carpeting.

Following the above steps can help you to get a nice, clean and tidy interior in no time! This will effectively enhance the overall appeal of your car. But to keep your car’s interior in the best shape possible even after an extensive cleaning and detailing process, you need to make sure that your car is organized. An organized vehicle is easy to clean and it looks good too. If you store your items in the trunk, a trunk organizer might come in handy. The items like visor organizers and dash caddies and seat organizers help you to keep your car in top shape and cleaning dust and filth with vacuum becomes trouble-free. Subsequent cleaning processes get much easier as well.

Car Maintenance Tips For New Drivers

A lot of us need car maintenance tips for new drivers. I mean, even if you’re not a new driver, it pays to know the things that will help keep your car running for a long time.

As a driver, you don’t just get behind the wheel and use your car to move from Point A to Point B. You need to take care of your car.

If you don’t, then you’ll be one of those people who experience a breakdown every now and then. You know what they say about Murphy’s Law? What could go wrong will go wrong, often at the worst possible time.

To avoid getting Murphy’s Law happen to your car, then take good care of it.

Car Maintenance Tips for New (and Old) Drivers


This is obviously the heart of the car. A car’s response, sound, performance and everything else depend on the engine.

A healthy engine equals a healthy car. You know, like a healthy heart for the human body. To take the metaphor further, if the human body has blood, engines have oil. So you better make sure that the engine has enough oil, especially if you intend to travel long distances.

Have your oil replaced every 5,000 miles or so, depending on what your owner’s manual say. This will help ensure the smooth working of your engine.

Do check the coolant, too. The coolant container is usually labeled with maximum and minimum level markings. Always ensure that your coolant is above the midway between minimum and maximum marks. If you fail to do this, your car might overheat.

Tires and wheels

Tires and wheels require regular maintenance for good performance and safety. Bad tires can often cause slippage during braking and a punctured tire can really ruin your day. It might even endanger your life! If you’re running really fast and one of your tires blows out, your car might tumble and crash.

Always keep a tab of the air pressure in your tires. Make sure it is neither too high nor too low. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure. Keep in mind that the RECOMMENDED tire pressure is NOT the same as the maximum tire pressure. For best performance, fill up tires with nitrogen which not only lasts longer but lengthens the lifespan of the tires.

Having the correct pressure for your tires will also help your car get more miles for every gallon of gas. If you want to have a ready device to keep your pressure levels correct, have a battery jump starter with air compressor handy.

Have your wheel alignment be checked once every 4 months or so. Check to see if your steering head position matches with the head position of your front wheels. A significant mismatch can indicate that your wheel alignment is erroneous. Also, keep an eye on the tread depth of your tires. Too low tread depths are dangerous for tough road conditions.

Type of fuel

People often use high octane or high premium fuel for their cars because they think it is good for their engines. However, high octane fuel is good mainly for sports cars that have high compression engines. You should stick to what your car’s manual says.


Although people forget about scratches on the body; but as the car gets old, they should not be neglected at all. Visible areas of the chassis below the painted body line should be covered with paint as soon as possible to avoid any rusting from moisture/rain. Sometimes, bird poop can also ruin your paint if you keep it exposed long enough in the sun. The sooner you wash it off, the better.

Electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance is very important for any car. This is because not only are all the accessories like your music system powered electrically but the engine itself starts from your battery which in turn charges the battery through an alternator. Even though the battery is only around 12 volts, you should disconnect its terminals before working on any electrical connections.

Always follow wiring diagrams when working on the electrical circuit of your car. Keep in mind that a spark occurs when you reconnect the terminal. However, this is harmless and you do not need to be afraid of that. Also, clean your battery terminals regularly with a wired brush in order to have good electrical contact and also cover your terminals with petroleum jelly in order to prevent the sulfur deposits which tend to occur when your battery gets older.


Keep in mind that lights are very important for driving safe. Therefore, always check whether your lights are working or not on a regular basis. If indicator or headlamps are not working replace them immediately. While changing headlight lamps, always hold the base metal part and not the glass. Any grease or oil deposits on the glass could make it crack.

Instrument panel

Always keep an eye on the instrument panel as there are several alarm lights designed to signal specific problems. The most common lights are the engine light, the brake oil light, the electrical fault light, the coolant warning light, oil warning light etc. They all warn you about something that needs your attention. Never ignore these lights.

Star Wars Car Maintenance

Image: Jim Bauer

Maintaining a car is not only about performance or increasing the car’s longevity but also about various safety issues. Driving can really be a lot of fun when it is done safely. Therefore, always put the ‘safety first’ measure before anything else in your mind not only while driving your darling car but in its maintenance as well. Check and fix the things that need your attention without the slightest delay.

The car has built-in alert systems and many other things. You just need to be aware of and responsive to what they mean and what are they capable of doing. Most of us can’t wait to drive our first car, but the most important thing in taking care or maintaining your car is proper initial car education. Understanding the basics and treating your car just like another family member is the way to go. Always remember a car is not just another machine which takes you from point A to point B, it can also be an extension of your personality and your life.

A Review of TaoTronics dashcam HD 1080P Wide Angle with G-Sensor


TaoTronics Dashcam HD 1080p is a good dashboard camera under $100 worth giving a try to help you record footage while you’re driving.


About $75

Average Ratings

4.4 Out of 5 Stars (based on 200 reviews)


  • This dashcam gives you Full HD 1080p/30fps footage to capture the major details of any crash.
  • It comes with a 2.7″LCD screen, a windshield mount, USB cable, car charger and a 32Gb superspeed class 10 orignal Sandisk TF card.
  • It has Night-vision, Six-Glass lens and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, as well as Loop recording.
  • It has the Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor), which can lock current DVR recordering during critical moments.
  • It comes with an automatic ON/OFF, which syncs with the car engine
  • 12 month Warranty

taotronics2This camera will help you capture footage while you’re driving without breaking the bank! A lot of the really good cameras are expensive. But this TaoTronics, which costs under $100 is a good find.

The 32 GB SD card can record up to 5 hours worth of footage before it starts deleting other videos.

The camera can be setup so that it syncs with the power of the car. That means that it will turn on when you start the car and it will stop recording a few minutes after turning the engine off.

Here are several comments from the review of a verified customer;

– The suction cup worked really well for me. Never fell of, and actually hard to remove once in place. A suggestion is to make sure to clean your windshield if it causes problems.

– The plastic mount is OK — the attachment bevel piece leaves to desire and the camera tends to shift left/right a bit or bounce up/down during rides. One workaround I found is to secure the power cord to fix the camera in the desired position to compensate.

– The power cord itself is a nice long USB cable, which I measure to be actually 10 feet between plugs; it was a really good length for me, going all the way up and around the windshield and back to the plug in the center console.

– The documentation is tiny and hard to read but that wasn’t an issue for me. I had to guess some of the functionality.

– The mount is on top of the camera. It’s obviously designed to be placed on top of your windshield. There is no option to have the mount below the camera on the dashboard rather than hanging from the top of the windshield. A friend of mine just worked around that by using velcro taped to the bottom.

– The buttons on the back of the camera are annoying — there are 6 of them, they are nicely sized and easy to use… except the symbols on them is merely a white-on-white indentation that is impossible to see. Workaround is to use a black marker to outline the symbols.

– The G sensor feature didn’t work for me. Supposedly the camera detects hard accelerations or stops and mark these video segments as read-only so they don’t get deleted. I didn’t find any useful pattern and it kept randomly marking segments even when I wasn’t stopping. The seller recommended setting it to low. Instead I just disabled the feature has I actually want the camera to record all the time and just overwrite everything. Obviously the more video segments get locked, the less space there is left on the sdcard for continuous recording.

– I also had to deactivate the motion-based recording, as the camera didn’t record the full trips. It would just skip whole segments, yet the car was moving. I want a continuous recording anyway instead of a “smart” option, so that doesn’t matter as long as I can turn it off.

The instructions does not come with labels, but with symbols. This might be confusing for some people.The wiring may also be confusing to install. because of the 90-degree macro USB cable. One reviewer remarked that a straight line macro USB cable would have been better.

FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam Review

Dashcams have become an important part of many drivers’ essential geaer. Here’s our FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam Review.

The Falcon F170HD DashCam is a full HD camera that can be mounted on your windshield. Recording at 1080P and with a viewing angle of about 170 degrees, it acts as another set of eyes for your car. It comes with a built in microphone and speaker that records audio along with the video. It also comes with a 6-Glass Lens, WDR, HDR and GPS.


  • FULL HD 1920×1080 Recording at 30 fps
  • This dash cam will start recording when your car moves.
  • Motion detection recording if you leave it in the parking lot.
  • It has a Super Wide 170 Degree Angle of Recording View
  • Product comes with a FREE 32GB Class 10 SD Card
  • f/2.0 Six-Glass Lens with Night-Vision, WDR Enhanced Image Quality, HD Photo Capture Mode, GPS Location & Speed Recording
  • Company offers 5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty


The Good

falcon zero dash cam reviewIt is a Full HD camera recording at 30fps with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It delivers amazing footage quality and comes with a 170 degrees wide angle view that covers almost the entire dashboard.

The other quality features like WDR, HDR along with 6 Glass Lens and Superior Night Vision contribute to better recording quality throughout the day or even for night driving.

It also comes with an in-built GPS system that keeps recording the path of the vehicle and comes with a dash cam viewer software which enables you to view the entire path traveled on Google Maps or Bing Maps.

The camera also has a microphone which records audio hand in hand with the video and comes with a speaker and a 2.7 inch LCD screen that enables you to view and listen to the footage that has been recorded by the camera.

The camera starts recording as soon as the car starts moving and also has a motion detection feature that can be enabled when the car is parked to record the footage whenever any kind of movement is detected around the car. This feature is useful to provide additional security to the car when parked.

If somebody intentionally or accidentally rams your car, at least you can get a glimpse of who did it, instead of scratching your head, wondering what in the world happened!

A 32 GB Micro SD card is also provided with the camera which comes with an auto loop feature that saves new footage and automatically deletes old footage for preserving memory space. However it locks the footage recorded when the G sensor is activated to prevent it from being deleted. The Micro SD slot supports cards up to 64 GB.

The camera also has a screenshot capture button that enables it to capture photographs on one click of a button whenever we want to and comes with a USB cable to help us access the footage through our laptops or Television set.

The camera is easy to fix and set up which makes it hassle free and easy to use.

The Bad

The light provided on the camera for night vision purposes usually just reflects back from the windscreen of the car and does not contribute much to increasing the night vision quality. The night vision of the camera therefore depends largely on the headlights of the vehicle.

Also there may be a small glitch in the plate number feature where the camera does not save the identity of the vehicle and switches back to default once the camera is turned off.


Falcon F170HD DashCam costs $140.

Average Amazon Review

4.5 out of 5 Starts, based on more than 200 reviews.

What Should Tire Pressure Be in Summer

As winter, then spring ends, a lot of drivers start asking ‘what should tire pressure be in summer?’

The best and short answer is that: Maintain the optimal tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Remember, the optimal pressure for your tire is NOT the same as the maximum tire pressure that can be put into your tires! If you do that, you might get the surprise of your life, when your tire explodes on a hot summer day if you drive for long stretches!

what should tire pressure be in summer

image credit: State Farm

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The Best Dash Cam Reviews

This post is pretty long–we present the best dash cam reviews, but before doing so, we will explore the importance of having a dashboard camera, and then we’ll look at the top dashboard cams for you to check out.

Imagine yourself driving safe and steady and suddenly another driver hits your car either in front of you or behind you. In cases like this, your word can be put against the word of the other driver. But if you have a dashboard camera, it can record what really happened and the police, as well as your insurance, can determine who really was at fault.

In case you are wondering what a dashboard camera really is – it is a video camera is mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle in order to record videos during driving. Dash cams are known by several different names including in-car camera, Digital Video Recorders or DVRs.

Although they are called dashboard cameras, they are often mounted on the windshield to capture better quality videos. Several kinds of dash cams are also available based on features and quality.

Dual lens cameras can record both the driver and the forward facing views simultaneously. The only difference between a conventional camera and a dash cam is that the latter has the ability to start recording automatically when it detects the car’s motion. You don’t need to turn it on and press the record button every single time.

best dash cam reviews

image credit: Paul Townsend

A dash cam automatically makes space for newer videos by deleting the older ones. Thus, you can virtually record videos, hands-free.

Dashboard cams have become very popular in recent times. Not too long ago, they were used mainly by the police. Thanks to te reduction of prices, ordinary people like you and me can now buy them and install them in our cars.

Some HD dashcams are available for prices lower than $50. Thanks to advances in technology, as well as the low cost of manufacturing (primarily in China), companies are able to offer prices these low.

But don’t make prices your sole criteria in buying a dashcam, It should be reliable and of good quality to make sure that videos captured are clear and crisp. You wouldn’t want a dashboard camera that can only last for a month, you want something that could last for a long time.

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