What You Need To Know About Gas Octane Levels

A car octane level is usually seen as the ability of the car to withstand shock that can lead to detonation. The higher the octane level, the higher the level of resistant to detonation. It’s important to note that the octane need of a car largely depends on operating condition, mechanical considerations, and compression ratio. For example, a car used constantly on a highway will require a higher octane level than one that runs only on the street. This is why race cars are mostly in need of high car octane levels. Continue reading

Google Maps Tips & Tricks to Help Your Driving

Many drivers nowadays have made it a habit to use navigation apps while driving, and it is easy to see why. Aside from the convenience of knowing how to drive to an unfamiliar location, navigation apps also help save time and fuel.

Among these apps, Google Maps is simply the best. Alphabet’s landmark software has driving directions for 194 countries, live traffic data for 600 major cities in the world, and nets more than one billion active users every month.

But here’s the thing: there might still be some features in Google Maps that you do not know about, even if you use it every single day. Here is a few that you should know about:

One-Finger Zooming

We’re all used to using two fingers to zoom in or out on Google Maps through the pinching motion. But there’s an easier way: just use one finger. Double-tap quickly on the screen to zoom in. Then, if you do not lift your finger at the second tap, you can move your finger up or down the screen to zoom in or out smoothly. This trick helps you quickly navigate the map while in traffic.

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10 Tips to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Sure, it’s fun to go on a long road trip this summer. Lounging at the beach with your friends seems nice, but the high prices of petrol may make you want to postpone those plans.

You don’t have to break your wallet, because there are several techniques for you to squeeze more mileage out of your gas tank.

Here’s a list of 10 tips to improve your car’s fuel efficiency:

1. Know your car’s recommended octane level.

Fuel economy starts with choosing the right fuel. There’s a myth going around that says your car becomes more fuel-efficient if you load up with fuel that has a different octane than what is recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Don’t believe that, though. A lower octane will make your engine work harder, and may cause damage to it. Then a higher octane is just a waste, because your car will not be able to take full advantage of it. Read your car’s manual so you can stick with what’s recommended.

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7 Car Dangers and Hazards in the Summer

Summer is just right around the corner. It’s the perfect season to go on a road trip with friends and family. Go to the beach. Enjoy the mountains. Just go and take a break. But before you put pedal to the metal, please remember that there are many common dangers on the road this season.

Here’s a list of 7 car dangers and hazards in the summer to watch out for.

1. Watch out for construction.

Construction projects are in full swing during the summer for two reasons. First, there could be a lot of repairs needed to be done on roads that have been damaged by the previous winter. Second, there are a lot of houses, buildings and other structures that are being built because construction crews are taking advantage of the clear weather.

This raises the possibility of being stuck for hours in mile-long traffic because several lanes are closed. Dangers can also come from hot-headed drivers that make reckless maneuvers to escape the construction-induced traffic, like counter-flowing or driving over sidewalks.

You should also look at for possible falling debris from the top of buildings that are just being built. Always be on the lookout for signs to know if it is safe to pass thru a certain area.

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How to Keep Your Car Clean in the Summer

For many people, a car is like a second home. There are even days when we spend more hours in our cars than at home. We might even sleep in our car during the summer, (if you’re the driver, please don’t ever sleep while driving!) when the weather is pleasant enough to drive almost overnight across the country. When we go camping, we may even use the car as a makeshift bed.

Because of this, it is important keep the car clean during the summer. This summer, make sure your car is kept clean with the following tips:

Schedule regular cleaning

Do you have a regular schedule for cleaning your car? It is not enough for your car to look clean. Dirt and grime live in your car’s hidden surfaces, and even on plain sight. You might be driving a disgustingly dirty machine.

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