What You Need to Know about Different Car Body Types

If you are looking for a car to buy, you should consider the car body type that you want. There are plenty to choose from, but the most popular ones are the Sedan and SUVs. While the aesthetics of the car is important, consider the functions and space that you will need.

Some car body types are not very popular, partly because of stigma surrounding them. Consider the minivan. It is unpopular because those driving these types of cars are associated with “soccer moms”–mothers of kids and teenagers who need to store a lot of sports gear and other things for their kids in the cargo area. Because of its resemblance with the minivan, hatchbacks have also received a similar backlash.

But you really shouldn’t care about what others think of your own car. When you consider the form and function that you need, then just go for it. Here are the different car body types.

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Best Websites to Look For and Buy a Car

In this article, we will present the best websites to look for and buy a car. While this is greatly applicable to people who are looking for used cars, the websites in this list will also help those who are looking for a brand new car.

If you have set your budget and you know your car needs, the world wide web is a great place to look for a car. It saves time and helps you compare several cars from different dealerships at the same time! The websites offering different car options will also list important information that will help you decide which car to buy–the mileage of the car, the history of the car through Carfax or Autocheck.

Another advantage of looking for cars online is the ability to use different filters for your car search. You can specify the price range, the body type of the car, the transmission, color, and many other options. You can even set it up so that you will be notified whenever new listings are added to these websites. In most cases, the same cars will show up in the following websites. But you can also compare the prices in each website to check if a car is cheaper through one website or another. Continue reading

How to Buy a Good Used Car

For your first car, it is better to buy a used car than a new one. There are many advantages in buying a used car. Read our Guide to Buying Your First Car for our argument on that.

New cars are often much more expensive than second-hand cars. As a new driver, you won’t feel as bad if you earn a few dings, bumps, and scrapes on a used car, instead of in a new car. The challenge, though, is that choosing and buying a used car can be tricky and difficult. Here are some steps you can follow if you want to buy a good used car.

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What to Do If There’s a Burning Smell from Your Car

These days everyone desires to own a four wheeler. However before hitting the roads, it is quite essential for you to understand the safety parameters of your vehicle so that you know exactly what’s going wrong with it, just in case. One of the most important safety parameters is to identify any burning odor from the vehicle and not to ignore it. Necessary steps should be taken to figure out the cause of the problem and to fix it. There are several reasons due to which a burning smell can occur in your car: Continue reading

How To Clean Corrosion In Your Car Battery

If your car battery is corroded, it will affect the car’s performance and hamper its running speed. Prevention is always the best way to keep your battery clean and safe from corrosion. However, there is always a solution if you discover corrosion in your car battery. Below are proven ways to clean your car battery when it’s been corroded.

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What to do when you get stopped by a police or highway patrol?

There you were, driving on the road towards your destination when, from the rearview mirror, you spot the flashing red and blue light of a police car behind you. If you’ve been driving for a while, you may know what to do. But given the controversies surrounding police in the USA, you may become nervous, tensed, confused, or afraid. This may be truer if it is your first time to experience being pulled over.

What to do when you get stopped by a police or highway patrol?

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Use these 5 Apps to Make Your Long Drive Bearable

When you set out on a long road trip, you have to carefully prepare and plan for it. You need pack essential items like food, clothes and emergency tools and accessories. You will also need to perform essential checks on your car to make sure it is performing well and that there is no outstanding repairs or maintenance issue.

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Should You Buy Rebuilt Title Cars for Sale?

Are you buying to buy a car soon and you want to save money while doing it?

There are different ways of saving some money before you commit your hard earned money. Thousands of cars are put up for sale in the market month after month either by the owner or by car dealers.

If you’ve been looking for options on car websites or on Craigslist, you may have come across some really good-looking yet inexpensive cars!

Before you start jumping for joy, you need to pause and dig deeper. If it’s too good to be true, it may be suspicious. A good-looking, yet inexpensive car may turn out to be a rebuilt title car. Continue reading