5 Reasons Why You Need the Waze App While driving

Thanks to Smartphones and the advances in technology, we can use GPS technology to navigate from one place to another. Most of us can no longer imagine the days when people had to rely on bulky, printed maps to get to where they want to go? Mapquest? Though useful in its time, it is now in the dustbin of the Internet.

For a lot of drivers–old and new, the Waze App is a very useful app. Here’s a list of 5 reasons why you need the Waze App while driving.

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Just as any GPS-navigation app, Waze can show you the best route to take on your way to your destination. It will guide you turn by turn directions until you arrive at your destination. The developers also make it fun–you can choose different voices or accents for the voice that gives you driving directions. One time, it was C3PO barking directions at me. But for now, I just have a British-sounding girl giving me driving directions.

Monitor traffic conditions: heavy traffic, road closures, and more.

This is one of my favorite features of the app–other Waze users report different situations on the road. They report where the heaviest traffic flow is; they also report road closures so you don’t accidentally get stuck there. Traffic conditions are color-coded. If a highway is green, it means it’s clear and traffic isn’t too heavy. But if it’s blood red, then you know you’re in for a long ride. This is why, even though I know the way from the office back home, I still turn Waze on and rely on its direction tips.

Know where the hazards are.

Waze also gives you alerts for potholes, vehicle stopped on the road or on the shoulder, and accidents among others. This is valuable, especially in a long drive. If you’re not familiar with a particular road, Waze can warn you about potential hazards.

Monitor your speed.

If you’re driving in the Interstate, it’s so easy to drive way above the speed limit. And if you’re not carefully monitoring your speed, a state trooper or an enforcer can easily pull you over. While most modern cars have built-on speed monitors, Waze can flash the speed limit on your phone to remind you to slow down.

Be warned of traffic signals and enforcers ahead.

Waze also shows where police cars are spotted along the road, which could be a good reminder for you to follow traffic rules. Besides, if you are a careful driver, you don’t need to worry about the presence of a police car or two. Waze also shows where traffic signals might be located, so you can slow down and anticipate them.

A few warnings.

Waze has a lot of features, so you need to be careful not to get distracted while driving. As a Waze user, myself, I also contribute to reporting hazards and the situation of the roads. But we all need to remember that being distracted while driving could lead to a fatal accident.

Download the Waze app here: https://www.waze.com/download/

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