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If you think that you will never forget a baby inside your car, you better think again! Even well-meaning parents who want to give everything to their babies may leave a baby in the car.

Every year, 36 kids are left inside cars and this leads to their death! July is the worst month that this type of accident happens, due to the summer heat. This is not just about negligence. A lot of parents can be thinking about so many different things, they get distracted, or they may have gotten less sleep because of their kid.

As a parent, we know that you want the best for your child and you want to ensure the safety of your child. This is why it’s important to get accessories that will help you minimize this from happening.

One potential solution for forgetful parents is to have a car seat mirror. 

You can actually choose a DIY solution for this. You can hang a small mirror opposite your child’s car seat so that every time you look at your rear view mirror, you can check if your child is safely tucked, sleeping, or playing in her car seat.

If you are not careful, however, a DIY car seat mirror may fall on your baby, or if it’s not secured in place, it may bounce around and even hit your precious baby.

Choosing the Best Car Seat Mirror

Do check the position of the car seat mirror. Most of these products are attached to the head rest of the back seat that’s directly opposite your baby.

Since safety is your number 1 concern here, you have to make sure that the product you choose won’t be blown to smithereens if you are ever in an accident. That would be counterproductive and the mirror would be worse than useless.

Choose a baby curved baby mirror so you can have a better view and make sure that it stays in place but adjustable enough so you can ensure a good view of your child.

No headrest? No worries!

If your back seats don’t have a headrest, don’t worry, you still have an alternative. Some baby car seat mirrors have suction cups that could be mounted on the rear window of your car. Depending on the mirror, this may make the mirror reflection a bit smaller, but it would still give you a good view of your child.

The Best Baby Car Seat Mirror Reviews

We looked at available baby car seat mirrors in the market and listed their pros and cons in the reviews below. We also chose the ones that are affordable and won’t break the bank. While having this product is important, it really shouldn’t cost more than $35.

Take a look at the products below and choose which of them works best for you, your car, and your situation.

Royal Rascals Baby Car Mirror

This bright yellow car seat mirror attaches to a headrest. For some people that may be distracting, but in the case of your baby, it is better to be distracted and reminded that your baby is traveling with you in the car! You don’t want to leave your child in the car, do you? This bright yellow distraction just might save your baby if you happen to drive in the heat of the summer or the cold of winter.

This mirror is also shatterproof and comes with secure adjustable straps. For easy positioning and adjustment, it can rotate 360 degrees. This does not cost very much, it is very affordable! It’s also easy to set up–even for grandpas and grandmas. This baby car seat mirrors has around 250 reviews on Amazon and most of them are singing its praises. Go visit Amazon to read more reviews about this product.


Dwelling Place Baby Car Mirror

This baby car seat mirror has great reviews on Amazon. It is a little bit more expensive than the others on this list, but it is still way under $20. The mirror is huge and will allow you to see your child even if you are relying on the reflection of your rearview mirror. It is easy to install on the headrest of your car, you can adjust it and it will stay put while you’re driving.

One of the potential problems is when your baby can get to it by kicking. But that is a problem regardless of brand. Thankfully, this mirror is shatterproof. It also comes with free stroller hooks! That would also come in handy when you are walking, jogging, or running with your baby in the park.

This mirror, however, may not work with every car’s headrest. So you may need to return this product if it doesn’t fit onto the headrest of your car.

Ampper Baby Car Mirror

This car seat mirror allows is totally adjustable. You can turn rotate it 360 degrees! You can set it for the right angle for maximum visibility of your child in the back seat. There’s no need to sweat it out when installing this because it is so easy. You can set the suction cup on your rear window and position it to achieve the best angle. It also has a high definition glass and a curved shape. Whenever you look at your rearview mirror, you also get a glimpse of this mirror, which will let you see your child.

This mirror is also very inexpensive. A number of reviewers on Amazon praised the clarity of the reflection on the mirror. a number of people, however, complained that the suction cup does not stick well to the car window. You may need to buy an adhesive to make sure that the suction cup stays on the mirror.

Sonilove Baby Car Mirror 

This car seat mirror can be attached to the headrest of one of the back seats. Its wide-angle view can help you keep track of your baby while driving. Depending on the position that you want, it can be rotated, it can also pivot. Its convex shape definitely helps get a great view of baby.

Its plastic frame and sturdy acrylic construction makes it almost shatterproof. Its manufacturers promise that it will not break even in the case of a crash or accident.

This mirror is inexpensive and some reviewers on Amazon claim that it is sturdy and won’t fall off if you drive through a speed bump or a pothole.


Zacro Baby Car Mirror

This mirror has a big surface and allows you to see your baby. It is very secure and will stay in place while you drive. Just like the other baby mirrors in this article, it is also made of acrylic and is shatterproof. You can also rotate it 360 degrees. The manufacturer also provided an easy way to install it in your car. It comes with easy instructions for installation. Some reviewers on Amazon, however, complained that it fell on their baby while driving. As with most products that you buy online, this could happen.


No matter which kind of baby mirror you choose from the list above, the most important consideration is the safety of your child. You may need this baby car seat mirror for only a year, or a maximum of three years. But as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.




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