Best Umbrella to Keep in Your Car

You are driving towards your destination and the bottom of the sky suddenly fell out and heavy rain start pelting your car. 

Too bad you don’t have an umbrella in your car. 

If you get out right after you park, you’ll just get drenched no matter how nice the clothes you’re wearing. It sucks, right? 

We’ve looked at the best umbrella to keep in your car so you’re always prepared when the rains start falling. 

Things to Consider in Buying an Umbrella

The worst time to buy an umbrella is right when you need it because you are stuck. You may end up with an expensive umbrella that may be broken after being used. Umbrellas should be included as an essential car accessory.

Umbrellas will not protect you from rains 100%. But a good one can keep your head and torso dry. For very heavy rains, expect your legs and shoes to get wet. There’s just no help for that.

But I have seen really bad umbrellas that would drip rainwater from the cloth that’s supposed to protect you from the rain!  

Here’s what to consider when you buy.


This review focuses on umbrellas that you can store inside the car and not in a purse. A very long umbrella that stays in the trunk is not much help when you need to get out of the car with as minimal shower as possible. 

Ease of opening and closing

One-touch-open umbrellas are great! You can open the car door slightly, stick the umbrella up, push a button, and voila it will protect you from becoming wet!

Since this is a review of umbrellas to keep in your car, it’s best to choose inverted or reverse folding umbrellas. These are an innovation introduced in the last decade or so.

Reverse folding umbrellas are perfect for getting out of the car during a downpour.


You’d want something that can last for a long time. So you need to choose umbrellas made out of good materials—the cloth, the spokes or ribs, and the opening (and closing) mechanism.  


We want great value and choose inexpensive products. A good umbrella doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Most great umbrellas cost $25 or less. Anything above that just feels like robbery to me!

Best Umbrella to Keep in Your Car

Top Pick: BAGAIL Double Layer Reverse Folding Umbrella

This awesome umbrella comes with a double-layer fabric, which can protect you from both rain and intense sunshine. It can also withstand strong winds.

Although it looks quirky with that big C handle, it’s great for hanging on your wrist if you are not using it and you need both hands to load something in the car, like stacking grocery bags, or putting a small child in the car seat.

Its inverted design will help you get out and in to your car conveniently. The rainwater will also stay on top of the umbrella and because it can stand up on its own, it prevents water from dripping onto the car floor.


  • Double layered
  • Stylish
  • Great handle for hanging on your wrist
  • Its size can accommodate two people


  • Branding is huge and can be a turn off
  • Too big to fit in a purse
  • Some users report the umbrella breaking after a few months of use.
  • No automatic button, so you need to open and close it manually.

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Best umbrella for carrying in a purse: Repel Umbrella

If you want an umbrella that is ultra-portable, fits in a purse or in your glove box, we recommend the Repel Umbrella. It is 11.5 inches long. At this size, it may not fit into small purses. But if you get any smaller than this, you risk buying a less sturdy umbrella that cannot withstand stronger winds.

With a touch of a button, you can open or close it. You can easily hoist it over the car door and you can get out or in and minimize getting wet.

It has an extra rib—most folding umbrellas only have 6 or 8 ribs—and this helps it withstand stronger winds. Its Teflon fabric also helps keep rain out.

The company behind this also has an excellent Lifetime Replacement Guarantee! This is a good gesture, which means that they stand by their product.


  • Highly portable umbrella at 11.5 inches long
  • Auto open/close button
  • Excellent lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Some users report some rusting in the ribs after a few months’ use

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Best Active Umbrella: G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

This is not a portable umbrella. It’s a big one and it is meant to keep on the floor of your car where you can reach it. We wouldn’t really recommend keeping it in the trunk unless you have a smaller umbrella which you can use to open the trunk and get this big gun.

But it does the job!

It’s big, it has wind vents to withstand gusts of wind, and it can easily cover 2-3 people. You can use it for when you are at a kid’s soccer game, or keep it in your car for when you need to keep your passengers dry.


  • 62-inch canopy that can cover you and 1-2 other people
  • Wind-vent that helps it withstand gusts


  • Long and may need to be stowed in your trunk
  • Some users report water seeping into the stitching

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Best umbrella for windy areas: Gust Buster

The fabric of this umbrella is made of 100% nylon. Its diameter is 43 inches and its ribs are temper-hardened. Its double canopy design can help it withstand wind gusts, hence the name Gust Buster. If you live in a windy area, this umbrella just might help you avoid getting wet.

The manufacturer boasts that it had been tested to withstand 55 mph winds! Some users agree—both in Chicago and in New York City.


  • It can really withstand strong winds. One reviewer says that it even survived a super storm.
  • Good size for 2 people


  • A bit pricey compared with the other umbrellas in this list.
  • It is not portable

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Best budget umbrella: Plemo Automatic Folding Umbrella

If you want to save some money and don’t need to walk long distances from your car to wherever you frequently drive at, then this umbrella is for you.

It has a button that enables you to open and close it automatically. It is also highly portable with a length of 11.5 inches.

With a rubberized handle, you can grip it even when the wind gusts are driving rain to you.


  • Really great price for budget-conscious shoppers
  • Easy to open and close
  • Ultra portable for the glove box or purse
  • Some reviewers say that it lasts for years!


  • It’s not very big, so mainly to be used for one person
  • The auto open/close button may malfunction

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It is not uncommon for people to buy several umbrellas in a few months, or whenever they need it. They sometimes lose an umbrella or break it.

We reviewed several umbrellas in this post. The five products above are what we recommend.

However, it’s also important to remember the following things:

  • Umbrellas can break at different points—the ribs, the Velcro strap, the handle, and its fabric.
  • As with anything you own, taking care of your umbrella will help you keep it for a really long time.
  • After using your umbrella in the rain, open it and let it drip in your bathroom to prevent rusting.

It’s great to have an umbrella in the car so you avoid getting wet.

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