How Close to a Public Transport Stop is Parking Allowed?

Bus stop signs are all over the city. How close to a public transport stop is parking allowed? You may be following a bus that keeps stopping in its lane. But that’s just expected because it is supposed to pick up and let off passengers.

Parking rules are set to avoid traffic congestion. That is why parking lots are often offered on the city outskirts and most of the time, paid parking lots can be found in many parts of the city center.

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Does Frost Guard Work?

During the winter, your windshield can be invaded by frost. It can easily take you 15 minutes to remove the ice and the frost. To shorten the time for you to get out of the parking area and start going to work, read on for a possible solution.

The idea behind frost guard is to cover your windshield and protect it from the wind and cold. The frost will accumulate on the frost guard instead of your windshield. Instead of firing up your engine, open the heater and blast it on to your windshield, you can remove the frost guard, stow it in your trunk, and then drive off to work!

So, how to choose your frost guard?

Before choosing your car frost guard, look at the type that you need. If you want to leave your car in a parking lot, you can choose a cheap tarpaulin that can help protect your car from dust, scratches, or even frost.

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Can You Stop In a No Parking Zone?

If the sign says you can’t park, then you shouldn’t. But what if you don’t intend to park, can you stop in a No Parking Zone?

In most cities, signs that says “No Parking” means that stop there and wait IF you are still behind the wheel and the car is idling (running). If you are driving a taxi, or participating in a Ride Share, you can pick up and unload a passenger and their things. The most important thing to remember is to leave your car there for any period of time.

But where can you park then? Read on below:

Regulated parking means that it is subject to certain conditions. It may be a parking limited in duration or a paid parking.

Here’s what you need to know to identify these parking rules.

Parking Rules Indicated by Signs

To indicate a restricted parking, a sign may accompany the parking prohibition sign. These signs specify the parking rules, that is to say the conditions under which one has the right to park. It may be for example a parking limited in time, paying, reserved for certain users, etc.

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Can You Change Lanes in an Intersection?

When you change lanes or want to overtake another vehicle, first make sure you have enough space and time to perform the maneuver safely.

A lot of drivers ask if they can change lanes in an intersection. Laws in each state may vary. But the short and safe answer is: DON’T!

Intersections are meant to be kept open so that vehicles from any direction can pass without any obstructions. Besides, intersections tend to be busy and most drivers want to keep looking ahead when crossing it.

If you really want to change lanes, wait until you are on the other side. Follow the tips below when changing lanes.

Changing Lanes

Lane change refers to the maneuver that allows you to move your vehicle from one lane to another on a road that has at least two lanes in the same direction. You can do this to overtake another vehicle or to avoid a parked vehicle or when the driver in front of you is slowing down to make a turn at an intersection.

Never change lanes without having correctly signaled your intention and make sure the maneuver can be done safely.

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How to Get Your Driver’s License

Once you reach a certain age, getting a driver’s license becomes more of a necessity than a desire. However, getting a license isn’t as simple as you would think. While you might be able to drive pretty well, passing the various tests required to get a license need a little more effort. Here are some tips that can help you with that.

Begin with theory!

Just like with learning anything else, you need to begin with theory in driving as well. The best way to do it is to take a driver’s ed course. Such a course helps you understand the basics of driving and makes you ready for the next step. Unless and until you are done with this, you cannot start your ‘behind the wheel’ training. Pay good attention to this aspect to be able to succeed in the others.

Focus on the basics.

While an ed course will teach you the basics theoretically, you will actually experience it only once you start driving. Now though your main test is going to be pretty complex, this isn’t the stage to focus on that. Don’t get too bewildered by the idea of what you are supposed to do and what you can actually do now. It is just your beginning. You will slowly progress to the required level. However, this will happen only if you have focused on the basics while you are in the beginning stage. If you aren’t sure how to change gears the day before your test, it won’t work.

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How to save money on car insurance for child not living at home

Car insurance is expensive! But it can get worse when you have a child that lives away from home but is under your insurance, too. The cost of insuring this car would cut into the budget that you could have used for a nice vacation, appliance, or your savings account!

The good news is that there are a lot of ways to save money on your child’s car insurance even when they are staying away from home.

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Best Umbrella to Keep in Your Car

You are driving towards your destination and the bottom of the sky suddenly fell out and heavy rain start pelting your car. 

Too bad you don’t have an umbrella in your car. 

If you get out right after you park, you’ll just get drenched no matter how nice the clothes you’re wearing. It sucks, right? 

We’ve looked at the best umbrella to keep in your car so you’re always prepared when the rains start falling. 

Things to Consider in Buying an Umbrella

The worst time to buy an umbrella is right when you need it because you are stuck. You may end up with an expensive umbrella that may be broken after being used. Umbrellas should be included as an essential car accessory.

Umbrellas will not protect you from rains 100%. But a good one can keep your head and torso dry. For very heavy rains, expect your legs and shoes to get wet. There’s just no help for that.

But I have seen really bad umbrellas that would drip rainwater from the cloth that’s supposed to protect you from the rain!  

Here’s what to consider when you buy.


This review focuses on umbrellas that you can store inside the car and not in a purse. A very long umbrella that stays in the trunk is not much help when you need to get out of the car with as minimal shower as possible. 

Ease of opening and closing

One-touch-open umbrellas are great! You can open the car door slightly, stick the umbrella up, push a button, and voila it will protect you from becoming wet!

Since this is a review of umbrellas to keep in your car, it’s best to choose inverted or reverse folding umbrellas. These are an innovation introduced in the last decade or so.

Reverse folding umbrellas are perfect for getting out of the car during a downpour.


You’d want something that can last for a long time. So you need to choose umbrellas made out of good materials—the cloth, the spokes or ribs, and the opening (and closing) mechanism.  


We want great value and choose inexpensive products. A good umbrella doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Most great umbrellas cost $25 or less. Anything above that just feels like robbery to me!

Best Umbrella to Keep in Your Car

This awesome umbrella comes with a double-layer fabric, which can protect you from both rain and intense sunshine. It can also withstand strong winds.

Although it looks quirky with that big C handle, it’s great for hanging on your wrist if you are not using it and you need both hands to load something in the car, like stacking grocery bags, or putting a small child in the car seat.

Its inverted design will help you get out and in to your car conveniently. The rainwater will also stay on top of the umbrella and because it can stand up on its own, it prevents water from dripping onto the car floor.

BAGAIL Double Layer Reverse Folding Umbrella
Our top pick for the umbrella to keep in your car. Its inverted design make it easy for you to get in or out of your car even if it's raining cats or dogs.


  • Double layered
  • Stylish
  • Great handle for hanging on your wrist
  • Its size can accommodate two people


  • Branding is huge and can be a turn off
  • Too big to fit in a purse
  • Some users report the umbrella breaking after a few months of use.
  • No automatic button, so you need to open and close it manually.

If you want an umbrella that is ultra-portable, fits in a purse or in your glove box, we recommend the Repel Umbrella. It is 11.5 inches long. At this size, it may not fit into small purses. But if you get any smaller than this, you risk buying a less sturdy umbrella that cannot withstand stronger winds.

With a touch of a button, you can open or close it. You can easily hoist it over the car door and you can get out or in and minimize getting wet.

It has an extra rib—most folding umbrellas only have 6 or 8 ribs—and this helps it withstand stronger winds. Its Teflon fabric also helps keep rain out.

The company behind this also has an excellent Lifetime Replacement Guarantee! This is a good gesture, which means that they stand by their product.

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella
At 11.5 inches long, this is the umbrella for drivers who want to keep it in their purse or backpack. Although it is very portable, it can ably withstand rain and wind.


  • Highly portable umbrella at 11.5 inches long
  • Auto open/close button
  • Excellent lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Some users report some rusting in the ribs after a few months’ use

This is not a portable umbrella. It’s a big one and it is meant to keep on the floor of your car where you can reach it. We wouldn’t really recommend keeping it in the trunk unless you have a smaller umbrella which you can use to open the trunk and get this big gun.

But it does the job!

It’s big, it has wind vents to withstand gusts of wind, and it can easily cover 2-3 people. You can use it for when you are at a kid’s soccer game, or keep it in your car for when you need to keep your passengers dry.

G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella
This is not the most portable umbrella. But if you attend a lot of open-air sports events, it does the job!


  • 62-inch canopy that can cover you and 1-2 other people
  • Wind-vent that helps it withstand gusts


  • Long and may need to be stowed in your trunk
  • Some users report water seeping into the stitching

The fabric of this umbrella is made of 100% nylon. Its diameter is 43 inches and its ribs are temper-hardened. Its double canopy design can help it withstand wind gusts, hence the name Gust Buster. If you live in a windy area, this umbrella just might help you avoid getting wet.

The manufacturer boasts that it had been tested to withstand 55 mph winds! Some users agree—both in Chicago and in New York City.

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella (Black)
Durable umbrella that can withstand strong winds in cities like Chicago and New York! It can even withstand a super storm!


  • It can really withstand strong winds. One reviewer says that it even survived a super storm.
  • Good size for 2 people


  • A bit pricey compared with the other umbrellas in this list.
  • It is not portable

If you want to save some money and don’t need to walk long distances from your car to wherever you frequently drive at, then this umbrella is for you.

It has a button that enables you to open and close it automatically. It is also highly portable with a length of 11.5 inches.

With a rubberized handle, you can grip it even when the wind gusts are driving rain to you.

Plemo Automatic Umbrellas, Windproof Compact Folding Umbrellas with Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip
You can get this umbrella for a really great price! But it can still protect you from the rain and the wind. Though don't expect the same level of rain protection compared with the other bigger, pricier umbrellas.


  • Really great price for budget-conscious shoppers
  • Easy to open and close
  • Ultra portable for the glove box or purse
  • Some reviewers say that it lasts for years!


  • It’s not very big, so mainly to be used for one person
  • The auto open/close button may malfunction


It is not uncommon for people to buy several umbrellas in a few months, or whenever they need it. They sometimes lose an umbrella or break it.

We reviewed several umbrellas in this post. The five products above are what we recommend.

However, it’s also important to remember the following things:

  • Umbrellas can break at different points—the ribs, the Velcro strap, the handle, and its fabric.
  • As with anything you own, taking care of your umbrella will help you keep it for a really long time.
  • After using your umbrella in the rain, open it and let it drip in your bathroom to prevent rusting.

It’s great to have an umbrella in the car so you avoid getting wet.

How to Use Carfax

Buying a used car can be full of missteps and hidden problems. But thanks to Carfax and a quick trip to a mechanic, you can avoid these pitfalls. If you are in the process of buying a used car, you need Carfax! It can be used for so much more, though.

Here’s our guide on how to use Carfax

Make no mistake, Carfax is essential in the process of buying a used car. It can help narrow down your research, and help you make a decision on buying your next used car. Before signing the papers and parting with your hard-earned money, we definitely recommend having a mechanic review any used car you are planning on buying.

Checking Carfax records will reveal important information about cars that won’t require a mechanic’s review. If you see that a car had been involved in an accident, that would be a big red flag.

How do you get Carfax for free?

Dealers and online car marketplaces often provide free Carfax for the vehicle they are selling. Those are easy to spot. Case in point, if you go to and search for used hatchback cars, you will see the logo of Carfax on some of the listings. If you click on it, you will will be able to see the car’s history.

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A 10-Point Winter Auto Maintenance Checklist

Prevention is better than cure. A principle which is also valid for your vehicle! Maintaining your car is essential for its proper functioning but also for your safety. To limit any risk of breakdown or accidents on the road, follow the following tips.

Here’s our 10-Point Winter Maintenance Checklist

In winter season you will ride in rain, snow or ice. Choose a suitable windshield washer. Check wiper condition, tire wear and pressure, battery, coolant, lights and heat. In some areas, it is useful to equip yourself with snow tires. In case of a problem on snowy roads, your car insurance assistance guarantee allows you to be taken care of quickly.

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How long can you stay on your parent’s car insurance?

Obviously, I am not a financial planner so please do your due diligence and do not take this article as financial or legal advice. 

Having a car insurance is always a must! Not only is it a legal necessity, but it also provides car owners with a lot of advantages. Any accident, big or small, your car insurance can cover the repair expenses (within the coverage levels, of course). This means that by paying a relatively small amount of premium, you can claim insurance for big damages to your car.

However, with families having grown up children and multiple cars, paying premium for every single vehicle can be pretty expensive. Especially for children living off their own, the burden of paying insurance premium can be very stretching. After all, their part-time jobs only pay so much!

The smartest solution for such situations is to keep children included in the household vehicle insurance policy. This way, they will have to pay smaller premium amounts while getting just the same benefits.

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