Easiest Ways to Dry Your Car

Almost all the car washing guide you will read will tell you to dry your car after washing it. However, none will say to you that drying your car is as important as washing your car.

While I don’t have the stats to prove this, I’d just think that there are just as many people who have a problem with their car paint due to too weak drying techniques as there is from a poor washing technique.

Throughout this post, I will tell you the reasons to dry your car after each wash, the useful drying aids, the tools you can use to speed up the drying process, the detailing sprays, and the process of drying your car using microfiber cloths.

Why Dry Your Car?

It’s commonly known that you need to dry your car after washing it.

The reasons why you wash your car are pretty simple and straightforward. When you ask someone why they should dry their vehicle, they might look at you like a cat stuck in headlights.

Some may think that drying a car seems like a chore. So, it’s understandable if some wouldn’t want to do it after making an effort to wash it.

However, I believe that your car can only be said “clean” once you’ve finished drying it.

Leaving it air dry for an hour would mean a waste of time washing it as it will end up you to create more work for yourself.

Just think of it similar to washing the dishes, leaving it air dry will only be prone to water spots.

Water spots are noticeable ugly stains. These often carry leftover traces of dirt, chemicals, or minerals.

Though you can remove the water spots, they can be very stubborn. Sometimes, you have to resort to using a clay bar and might need to cut and polish the car.

Aside from leaving your car looking ugly with these water spots, some are also corrosive that can taint your vehicles clear coat and paint.

Would you risk your paint just to save yourself from 10 to 15 minutes of drying?

Drying Options

It’s essential to use the right tools when drying your car.

Don’t attempt using paper towels, bathroom towels, underwear, bedsheets, or anything like that. These may seem useful, but these are likely to damage your paint in the process.

Instead, use:

Microfiber cloths. These are the most common towels used on cars, whether you’re washing or drying. You can never be wrong using and owning lots of these.

Microfiber cloths are soft enough not to damage your paint. These are absorbent enough to dry your car efficiently. You just need to use 2 to 3 of them to dry your car completely. The plus is it’s cheap and can easily be bought to stores.

When buying these, make sure they don’t have obnoxious labels that could affect the paint. Moreover, microfiber cloths work best when you use it with detailing spray or drying aid.

Electric Leaf Blower – this has been famous lately. It’s safe, efficient, and seems to work well all in all. This will make drying your car a lot quicker. This is a significant investment that you can use for 10 minutes of bi-weekly or monthly.

Chamois was the go-to car dryer way back years ago. It was effective and absorbed water quickly. However, the main issue with this is that it’s an animal rawhide. It was not ideally made for washing cars. It may be useful but could also be very dangerous.

Since it’s leather, any dirt left on your car after washing would stick between the chamois leather and your vehicle. As a result, you might drag the dirt all over the panel, which creates micro-scratches.

Also, chamois leather is a lot harder than microfiber cloths. Using it without lubrication would cause scratching itself. In the end, I suggest you not to use chamois leather.

Using Detailing Sprays and Drying Aids

It’s never ideal for touching the panels without lubrication even you’re just using microfiber towels. You can simply dampen the cloth with water or use a detailing spray or drying aid.

It’s never a good idea to touch your panels without lubrication, even when using microfibre towels. As a result, you will want to dampen the cloth with water or use a drying aid.

Optimum No Rinse is the most popular drying aid. However, any waterless cash product or quick detailer will do a similar job.

These products I mentioned above are supposed to clean, protect, and shine your car all in one. It’s beneficial to use them as a drying aid.

Do exactly what the product instructions tell you to do. It’s easy to misuse them and end up with a streaky finish.

How to Dry Your Car Using Microfiber Cloths?

Similar to washing your car, you should start on drying the top of your car up until down. Starting at the bottom is not a good idea as it will only create more work for yourself.

When drying your car, you will need many microfiber cloths. Again, just like washing a car, if the cloth gets dirty, you need to flip it over and swap it eventually for a clean one.

Once you have done wiping the exterior panels, make sure you also dry the door jams and other crevices. Some cars are prone to rusting in certain areas. So, do some research ahead of time and make sure that you dry those areas immediately after each wash.

 Finally, the last parts you will dry are the alloys and tires.

Stop Eating While Driving

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to distract a driver. Someone cut you in your lane, somebody calls you, there’s a billboard that’s just too vulgar or bright; or you could be eating while driving.

I mean, I have done before. I would run out of the door in a hurry to start my morning commute, order a breakfast biscuit and a cup of joe at a McDonald’s drive thru and drive off to work.

When my family and I travel out-of-state in our car, I would sip coffee while driving, or munch on a burger or sub when I get hungry.

Can eating while driving increase the likelihood of a crash?

Eating while driving definitely saves some time, especially if you are in a hurry. But just like texting or using a phone while driving, it could have its risks.

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What to Do In an Uncontrolled Railroad Crossing

You ever watch those old western movies where bandits on horses rob a train? These days, those are not the dangers you’ll encounter in trains. But accidents still happen with cars and trains.

Train tracks are still all over the continental USA. Some of them have barriers to protect cars. What to do in an uncontrolled railroad crossing?

Different Types Of Railroad Crossing

The Level Crossing with Automatic Half-Gates

About 20 seconds before a train arrives, the red lights start flashing and the buzzer sounds. At this moment, the barriers are lowered. It is therefore natural to stop and wait for the barriers to be removed.

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What to do if You Meet an Accident with a Child in Your Car

We hope you never have to read this post. We hope you never have a car accident, period. Much less with your child in the car at the same time. However, as careful a driver as you are, other motorists are unpredictable.

It’s never easy if you meet an accident and your child is riding with you. We hope that you followed all the important safety precautions mandated by law. We have also written about tips on how to keep your kids safe in the car.

We have written an article on what to do if you meet an accident. But if you have a child with you during the accident, here’s what to do.

Call the Police and 911 if needed.

Make sure that you and the child are safe. To make sure that everything is fine, call 911 and the police. They can help ensure that you are really okay. Sometimes, kids and adults may be fine right after an impact, but they may exhibit some trauma a few hours later.

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How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Tips for Parents

The idea of a child suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning is unthinkable, isn’t it? Far too extreme a thing to happen to your own children. Think again. It is responsible for more deaths in children than you would think.

In 2016, it estimated that 31% of people hospitalized for accidental Carbon Monoxide poisoning were aged 14 and under. It is particularly dangerous for babies, as it takes a smaller amount to cause damage and health problems. Also, extra care should be taken in children with respiratory issues like asthma, for the same reasons.

Because it is a colorless, odorless, and commonplace in a vehicle (i.e., from the exhaust pipe), it is easy to breathe in too much – especially when children don’t understand the risks. An excessive intake of this gas causes it to replace the oxygen in the bloodstream, which does no good to the important parts of your body. Brain, heart, and lungs, to name a few.

But it’s not all doom and gloom here – there are some pointers – a few simple steps you can take to protect your children, plus symptoms and advice.

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Driving Mistakes that Parents Need to Avoid

Even though you have done your research and have bought the safest car for your family, it doesn’t mean that your family, especially kids are 100% safe from harm, injuries or any unfortunate event of car incidents. Obviously, car accidents are not something that you can avoid although you have taken proper precautions because some collisions or faults are caused by the other drivers or road users.

Here’s a driving mistakes that parents need to avoid.

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How to Take a Long Trip with a Toddler

Lengthy car trips can be exhausting for everyone, especially for a toddler. They have a lot of energy to walk and run, but on a long trip, they will be sitting in the car for hours and hours! Try these tips on how to take a long trip with a toddler.

Safety first

Before you hit the road, make sure that everything is prepared. Make sure that your toddler’s car seat is installed properly. Check your car condition, make sure the tires are all alright as well as ensure that brakes and lights are all working. Don’t forget to pack some first-aid kit and essential car safety equipment.

Also, make sure that your phone is fully charged, or else you could bring a portable charger and extra battery. At last, make sure you do not lack sleep because sleep deprivation can cause frazzled nerves and harm you and your toddler. By being rested, you can avoid distractions while driving.

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Safety Precautions When Parking at a Public Place

Have you ever felt nervous parking your car in a public place that you are not familiar with? Well, worrying about your car when you park it in a public area is a very reasonable thing, especially if the place doesn’t seem friendly. You have perhaps left your vehicle on a public street and found it vandalized. At worst, you might lose your car.

Even though parking in public spaces comes with its challenges and may cause nightmare to many drivers, it still popular in urban centers. Lots of drivers have no choice but to park their car in some opened area, which exposes to damage, vandalism, or even theft. Parking at a public place is one of the most underestimated safety hazards for your vehicles.

Here are some measures of safety precautions when you have to park your car at a public place.

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The Best Dash Cam Reviews

This post is pretty long–we present the best dash cam reviews, but before doing so, we will explore the importance of having a dashboard camera, and then we’ll look at the top dashboard cams for you to check out.

Imagine yourself driving safe and steady and suddenly another driver hits your car either in front of you or behind you. In cases like this, your word can be put against the word of the other driver. But if you have a dashboard camera, it can record what really happened and the police, as well as your insurance, can determine who really was at fault.

In case you are wondering what a dashboard camera really is – it is a video camera is mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle in order to record videos during driving. Dash cams are known by several different names including in-car camera, Digital Video Recorders or DVRs.

Although they are called dashboard cameras, they are often mounted on the windshield to capture better quality videos. Several kinds of dash cams are also available based on features and quality.

Dual lens cameras can record both the driver and the forward facing views simultaneously. The only difference between a conventional camera and a dash cam is that the latter has the ability to start recording automatically when it detects the car’s motion. You don’t need to turn it on and press the record button every single time.

best dash cam reviews

image credit: Paul Townsend

A dash cam automatically makes space for newer videos by deleting the older ones. Thus, you can virtually record videos, hands-free.

Dashboard cams have become very popular in recent times. Not too long ago, they were used mainly by the police. Thanks to te reduction of prices, ordinary people like you and me can now buy them and install them in our cars.

Some HD dashcams are available for prices lower than $50. Thanks to advances in technology, as well as the low cost of manufacturing (primarily in China), companies are able to offer prices these low.

But don’t make prices your sole criteria in buying a dashcam, It should be reliable and of good quality to make sure that videos captured are clear and crisp. You wouldn’t want a dashboard camera that can only last for a month, you want something that could last for a long time.

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