Guide to Transporting Kayak Using a Car

Who would not fall in love with a kayak? Many people find themselves in this situation. There is something about feeling the sun on your skin, being so close to the water and paddling on your adventures in unfamiliar areas.

Does that interest you? Now, your search for the kayak for you. You did your assignment and found the one to take home and realize how you get it to your home? So, you call a friend with a pickup truck to have your kayak back.

You start to Google and think of buying the right accessories to strap your kayak properly not to blow it in your car.

Just like you, these were my worries too. I need to learn a lot before I get some clues to transport the kayaks I purchased.

In this post, I will guide you on how you can transport your kayak carrier without a roof rack.

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Pool Noodles
  • Ratchet Straps

Note: Be careful about doing the whole process. There are chances you might damage your car paint if you’re not careful.

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List of Car Camping Gear You Can’t Live Without

There’s fun in car camping! And when we say fun, we mean that it doesn’t require tons of up-front costs. Personally, I don’t want to buy the most expensive car camping gear with all the features. I found these intimidating. I like to start car camping small and ease my way into making it as my hobby. I better have a car camping gear list with me.

In efforts to keep my adventure simple, I wanted to put together a car camping gear list of all the things I think are super helpful. I’m also budget-conscious. So, you can count on me on not recommending a car camping gear list that isn’t good or helpful.

1.      Cast Iron Camping Cookware

Choosing a pan can be complicated because there are different types of camping. Also, different people who camp have different needs. But since we’re talking about car camping here, we choose cast iron as the best. Here are the following reasons why cast iron is in the car camping gear list.

  • Durability. It can withstand open fire for long.
  • Versatility. This can be used for a variety of dishes without bringing other pans from home.
  • Long-Lasting. This does not require early replacement.
  • Nonstick. Washing dishes is simple and easy with the type of coating this pan has.
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Here’s How You Can Go Camping in Your Car.

Many Americans hit the road and go for the great outdoors each summer. They take their cellphones away, sit on the beach chairs under a meter of battery-powered Led light, and toast their marshmallows. These people are called campers. In this article, I will teach you how to do camping in your car.

How to Find Campers?

Campers are easy to identify. When you seem a full-packed car filled with sleeping bags, inflatable bed, fishing equipment, tents, coolers, grills, and battery-powered Led lights driving down the road, you’ve found the campers.

Campers pack much stuff. The problem here is that with all this stuff you need to have, you sometimes have to carry it from your car to your campsite. So, if your parking lot is distant to your campsite, then you might have to work up to haul your stuff from here to there.

But if you’re not that keen on hauling off you gears around and still want to experience nature, you can try camping in your

What is Camping in Your Car?

Camping in your car is like a driveway camping. You pull up to your preferred parking spot, set your tent next to your car, put your grill next to it, and enjoy nature.

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Four Way Intersection Rules to Remember

Everyone remembers the time when you were a child and you would watch your parents sitting in the front of the car and just taking you to places. The family car was the magic carpet we saw in the movies and we were the fairy tale kings. Now, as we grew older, the magic of it gave way to an understanding of what a car is and how it works.

However, it did not take away the fascination of it. Even today, so many of us are fascinated by the working of a car and all the little things that go into it. Now, even if you are at an age that you can learn to drive. There is still some theory that you need to remember especially if you are finally on the road.

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Places Where Parking is Never Permitted

Unlike driving, parking seems to be a piece of cake but you will be astounded to find that it is not as straight forward as you thought it might be. You cannot just park anywhere you want. There are rules governing public spaces.

Here are the places where parking is never permitted.

If you break these rules, you may get a ticket, or worse, your car may be clamped or towed.

Between two parking spots

This one is pretty obvious, if the place has been clearly marked as parking spots–that is there are lines demarcating each parking spot–then parking between them is not only very rude but also against the law. So, if you are thinking about parking between the two spaces then you probably shouldn’t and find a proper spot instead.

Unless you want to experience some bad parking revenge like the video below:

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Stop Eating While Driving

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to distract a driver. Someone cut you in your lane, somebody calls you, there’s a billboard that’s just too vulgar or bright; or you could be eating while driving.

I mean, I have done before. I would run out of the door in a hurry to start my morning commute, order a breakfast biscuit and a cup of joe at a McDonald’s drive thru and drive off to work.

When my family and I travel out-of-state in our car, I would sip coffee while driving, or munch on a burger or sub when I get hungry.

Can eating while driving increase the likelihood of a crash?

Eating while driving definitely saves some time, especially if you are in a hurry. But just like texting or using a phone while driving, it could have its risks.

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Download the Driver’s Manual of Your State

Most drivers probably reviewed their state’s driving manual, only when they applied first for a driver’s license. But you should still download the driver’s manual of your state. This can help you review the traffic rules and regulations in your state.

It’s especially important to do this if you have recently moved from one state to another. You can see a list of all the states and territories of the USA.

Clicking on the name of the State will bring you to website of the State’s Motor Vehicle Division or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Most state’s driving manuals can be downloaded for free. We have indicated the paid ones below. As a general rule, requesting for a printed book costs extra.

You will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat) to open the files.

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What to Do In an Uncontrolled Railroad Crossing

You ever watch those old western movies where bandits on horses rob a train? These days, those are not the dangers you’ll encounter in trains. But accidents still happen with cars and trains.

Train tracks are still all over the continental USA. Some of them have barriers to protect cars. What to do in an uncontrolled railroad crossing?

Different Types Of Railroad Crossing

The Level Crossing with Automatic Half-Gates

About 20 seconds before a train arrives, the red lights start flashing and the buzzer sounds. At this moment, the barriers are lowered. It is therefore natural to stop and wait for the barriers to be removed.

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What Is an Uncontrolled Intersection?

Intersections are all over the roads–highways, backroads, and different types of roads. What is an uncontrolled intersection?

A road intersection is a junction or crossing point at two or more roadways, regardless of the angle of the roadways. Intersections where there are traffic signs, lights, or managed by authorized personnel are “controlled intersections.”

The intersections controlled by means of automatic traffic lights are Signposted. On the other hand, intersections that are not controlled by traffic signs, markings, authorized personnel or automatic traffic lights are said to be Uncontrolled Intersections that is, the priorities and flow of the traffic are left to the discretion of drivers.

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How Close to a Public Transport Stop is Parking Allowed?

Bus stop signs are all over the city. How close to a public transport stop is parking allowed? You may be following a bus that keeps stopping in its lane. But that’s just expected because it is supposed to pick up and let off passengers.

Parking rules are set to avoid traffic congestion. That is why parking lots are often offered on the city outskirts and most of the time, paid parking lots can be found in many parts of the city center.

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