DashCam Review: AUTO-VOX D1 Full HD Dashboard Camera

DashCam Review: AUTO-VOX D1 Full HD Dashboard Camera

In the market for a dashcam? Read this review of the Auto-Vox D1 Full HD Dashboard Camera. Don’t forget to read our guide to buying a Dash Camera.

auto-vox D1 dash cam

Price: $100+

Average Amazon Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 70+ reviews


  • Equipped with a night vision with Wide Dynamic Range and a f1.6 six-glass multi-layer filter wide angle lenses.
  • If you encounter an accident, its G-sensor will lock the DVR file to prevent writing over the file.
  • When you park, its Guarded Parking feature will monitor and record whatever happens around your car.
  • This product comes with a free 32GB TF card. This will cover over 6 hours of HD (1080p) video recording

This dash cam provides all the benefits of a regular cameras but with a compact screen size of 2.7 inches.

It features a wide angle lens ensuring that your surroundings are captured thoroughly. It also has a 6 glass multilayer filter ensuring that images are of top notch quality despite variations in lighting and weather.

This camera features Motion Detective, a sensor which activates recording at the slightest hint of motion and ceases when movement stops. It also offers Guarded Parking, automatically monitoring your surroundings when parked.

Both of these ensure that your investment is safe and protected at all times.

For young drivers sometimes accidents are inevitable. This dash camera offers Shock Lock, a mechanism whereby which in case of severe vehicle collisions the DVR automatically locks, protecting the video showing moment of impact. This together with the automatic time stamp act as a great source of evidence which can hold up in a court of law.

But thats not all. The dashboard camera has a battery life of approximately four days when fully charged and comes with Loop Recording which can be set at intervals of two, three and five minutes. It can hold up to six hours of recordings, a plus when combined with the complimentary 32GB memory card, with a quality of 1080 pixels and automatically records new data over the oldest saved data which aids in convenience and ease of use.

It has a suction cup mount which can be used to attach the camera to almost any surface within the car and has great holding power able to withstand humps and bumps. The boot up time of less than thirty seconds coupled with easy to follow user interface allows for a smooth handling experience.

A few nuances have been discovered concerning this product though. The power cord itself is long and does not come with clips leading to poor aesthetic value. In addition the charging plug does not fit snugly Into the camera port and the display has been noted to freeze on a few occasions by customers.

Despite these negatives, for the features mentioned above and a price of about $100.00 this seems like an excellent choice which can add to the safety and security of not only your vehicle but also to your well being.

A Review of TaoTronics dashcam HD 1080P Wide Angle with G-Sensor

A Review of TaoTronics dashcam HD 1080P Wide Angle with G-Sensor


TaoTronics Dashcam HD 1080p is a good dashboard camera under $100 worth giving a try to help you record footage while you’re driving.


About $75

Average Ratings

4.4 Out of 5 Stars (based on 200 reviews)


  • This dashcam gives you Full HD 1080p/30fps footage to capture the major details of any crash.
  • It comes with a 2.7″LCD screen, a windshield mount, USB cable, car charger and a 32Gb superspeed class 10 orignal Sandisk TF card.
  • It has Night-vision, Six-Glass lens and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, as well as Loop recording.
  • It has the Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor), which can lock current DVR recordering during critical moments.
  • It comes with an automatic ON/OFF, which syncs with the car engine
  • 12 month Warranty

taotronics2This camera will help you capture footage while you’re driving without breaking the bank! A lot of the really good cameras are expensive. But this TaoTronics, which costs under $100 is a good find.

The 32 GB SD card can record up to 5 hours worth of footage before it starts deleting other videos.

The camera can be setup so that it syncs with the power of the car. That means that it will turn on when you start the car and it will stop recording a few minutes after turning the engine off.

Here are several comments from the review of a verified customer;

– The suction cup worked really well for me. Never fell of, and actually hard to remove once in place. A suggestion is to make sure to clean your windshield if it causes problems.

– The plastic mount is OK — the attachment bevel piece leaves to desire and the camera tends to shift left/right a bit or bounce up/down during rides. One workaround I found is to secure the power cord to fix the camera in the desired position to compensate.

– The power cord itself is a nice long USB cable, which I measure to be actually 10 feet between plugs; it was a really good length for me, going all the way up and around the windshield and back to the plug in the center console.

– The documentation is tiny and hard to read but that wasn’t an issue for me. I had to guess some of the functionality.

– The mount is on top of the camera. It’s obviously designed to be placed on top of your windshield. There is no option to have the mount below the camera on the dashboard rather than hanging from the top of the windshield. A friend of mine just worked around that by using velcro taped to the bottom.

– The buttons on the back of the camera are annoying — there are 6 of them, they are nicely sized and easy to use… except the symbols on them is merely a white-on-white indentation that is impossible to see. Workaround is to use a black marker to outline the symbols.

– The G sensor feature didn’t work for me. Supposedly the camera detects hard accelerations or stops and mark these video segments as read-only so they don’t get deleted. I didn’t find any useful pattern and it kept randomly marking segments even when I wasn’t stopping. The seller recommended setting it to low. Instead I just disabled the feature has I actually want the camera to record all the time and just overwrite everything. Obviously the more video segments get locked, the less space there is left on the sdcard for continuous recording.

– I also had to deactivate the motion-based recording, as the camera didn’t record the full trips. It would just skip whole segments, yet the car was moving. I want a continuous recording anyway instead of a “smart” option, so that doesn’t matter as long as I can turn it off.

The instructions does not come with labels, but with symbols. This might be confusing for some people.The wiring may also be confusing to install. because of the 90-degree macro USB cable. One reviewer remarked that a straight line macro USB cable would have been better.

FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam Review

FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam Review

Dashcams have become an important part of many drivers’ essential geaer. Here’s our FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam Review.

The Falcon F170HD DashCam is a full HD camera that can be mounted on your windshield. Recording at 1080P and with a viewing angle of about 170 degrees, it acts as another set of eyes for your car. It comes with a built in microphone and speaker that records audio along with the video. It also comes with a 6-Glass Lens, WDR, HDR and GPS.


  • FULL HD 1920×1080 Recording at 30 fps
  • This dash cam will start recording when your car moves.
  • Motion detection recording if you leave it in the parking lot.
  • It has a Super Wide 170 Degree Angle of Recording View
  • Product comes with a FREE 32GB Class 10 SD Card
  • f/2.0 Six-Glass Lens with Night-Vision, WDR Enhanced Image Quality, HD Photo Capture Mode, GPS Location & Speed Recording
  • Company offers 5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty


The Good

falcon zero dash cam reviewIt is a Full HD camera recording at 30fps with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It delivers amazing footage quality and comes with a 170 degrees wide angle view that covers almost the entire dashboard.

The other quality features like WDR, HDR along with 6 Glass Lens and Superior Night Vision contribute to better recording quality throughout the day or even for night driving.

It also comes with an in-built GPS system that keeps recording the path of the vehicle and comes with a dash cam viewer software which enables you to view the entire path traveled on Google Maps or Bing Maps.

The camera also has a microphone which records audio hand in hand with the video and comes with a speaker and a 2.7 inch LCD screen that enables you to view and listen to the footage that has been recorded by the camera.

The camera starts recording as soon as the car starts moving and also has a motion detection feature that can be enabled when the car is parked to record the footage whenever any kind of movement is detected around the car. This feature is useful to provide additional security to the car when parked.

If somebody intentionally or accidentally rams your car, at least you can get a glimpse of who did it, instead of scratching your head, wondering what in the world happened!

A 32 GB Micro SD card is also provided with the camera which comes with an auto loop feature that saves new footage and automatically deletes old footage for preserving memory space. However it locks the footage recorded when the G sensor is activated to prevent it from being deleted. The Micro SD slot supports cards up to 64 GB.

The camera also has a screenshot capture button that enables it to capture photographs on one click of a button whenever we want to and comes with a USB cable to help us access the footage through our laptops or Television set.

The camera is easy to fix and set up which makes it hassle free and easy to use.

The Bad

The light provided on the camera for night vision purposes usually just reflects back from the windscreen of the car and does not contribute much to increasing the night vision quality. The night vision of the camera therefore depends largely on the headlights of the vehicle.

Also there may be a small glitch in the plate number feature where the camera does not save the identity of the vehicle and switches back to default once the camera is turned off.


Falcon F170HD DashCam costs $140.

Average Amazon Review

4.5 out of 5 Starts, based on more than 200 reviews.

The Best Dash Cam Reviews

The Best Dash Cam Reviews

This post is pretty long–we present the best dash cam reviews, but before doing so, we will explore the importance of having a dashboard camera, and then we’ll look at the top 10 dashboard cams for you to check out.

In case you are wondering what a dashboard camera really is – it is a video camera is mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle in order to record videos during driving. Dash cams are known by several different names including in-car camera, Digital Video Recorders or DVRs.

Although they are called dashboard cameras, they are often mounted on the windshield to capture better quality videos. Several kinds of dash cams are also available based on features and quality.

Dual lens cameras can record both the driver and the forward facing views simultaneously. The only difference between a conventional camera and a dash cam is that the latter has the ability to start recording automatically when it detects the car’s motion. You don’t need to turn it on and press the record button every single time.

best dash cam reviews
image credit: Paul Townsend

A dash cam automatically makes space for newer videos by deleting the older ones. Thus, you can virtually record videos, hands-free.

Dashboard cams have become very popular in recent times. Not too long ago, they were used mainly by the police. Thanks to te reduction of prices, ordinary people like you and me can now buy them and install them in our cars.

Some HD dashcams are available for prices lower than $50. Thanks to advances in technology, as well as the low cost of manufacturing (primarily in China), companies are able to offer prices these low.

But don’t make prices your sole criteria in buying a dashcam, It should be reliable and of good quality to make sure that videos captured are clear and crisp. You wouldn’t want a dashboard camera that can only last for a month, you want something that could last for a long time.

Read more

Rexing V1 2.7″ LCD FHD 1080p 170 Wide Angle Dash Cam Review

Rexing V1 2.7″ LCD FHD 1080p 170 Wide Angle Dash Cam Review


If you’re a new to driving, dashboard cameras for your vehicle may be something to consider. They can be used to document parking and driving accidents, defend against insurance fraud, or simply capture any beautiful scenery you might be driving through. RexingUSA has a variety of available dash cams you can choose from models. The Rexing V1 may be a model to consider.

Amazon Rating

4.3 out of 5 Stars


About $100


Here are the features of the Rexing V1 2.7″ LCD FHD 1080p 170 wide-angle dashboard camera recorder:

  • 1920×1080 full-HD 264 Photography Compression Technology.
  • AR0330 170 degree six-layer glass lens.
  • A simple and discreet black design.
  • Wide Dynamic (WDR) Technology.
  • Loop recording that automatically overwrites the previous footage with the newest, in standardized three minute segments to facilitate video filing.
  • Multi language support.
  • 3M adhesive mount for quick and easy installation.
  • Gravity Sensor technology automatically saves data to memory in the event of an accident.
  • An upgraded car charger with an extra USB power outlet.

Good things about this dash cam:

41GkNEsd5LThe Rexing V1 has a high daytime image quality for the price. It’s simple design and black coloring give it a “stealthy” appearance when either mounted behind the rearview mirror or on the dashboard. Setup is straightforward, making it easy to install and use immediately.

A mount is included with the product and is easily attached and detached. It has an automatic on/off feature which activates the camera when the vehicle is started. The dash cam has an easy to navigate menu and a clear audio. Users also have the option to turn off the audio.

The loop recording is set at three minutes, but can be adjusted to be made longer. The parking feature will start to record if the car is hit while parked. The Rexing V1 also comes with a one year limited warranty. RexingUSA has garnered a reputation for good customer service and typically responds to customer questions and complaints within twenty four hours of their receiving them.

Less desirable things

While the daytime image quality is high, the cameras night vision capabilities need improvement. There have also been customer complaints of video compression being unreliable, and that in order to pick up license plates the camera needs to be very close to the other vehicle for a discernable image.

The internal battery has a very short lifespan if it is not hardwired to the vehicle itself; the battery is intended as an emergency power source only. The camera will need an external power source when in use.

The screen can be difficult to view unless looked at straight on. Drivers who would like to have a constant visual through the camera may find it inconvenient to have it centrally located on the dash. Otherwise this angle can be difficult to be achieved with the included mount which while easy to attach/detach, is fairly static. It is also difficult to find different after-market mounts for the V1.

It’s also important to mention that the V1 does not come with a memory card included and one will have to be purchased separately.

On the Whole:

Overall, the V1 by Rexing is a good piece of equipment for the price. Despite some issues with adequate mounting and night imaging capabilities this model is simple, easy to setup, and effective.