Driving Rules to Review before a Long Drive

Going for a long drive or a road trip? That is just exciting!

As you pack your bags and load the car, be sure to inspect the road-readiness of your car. Safety is very very important when you drive for long distances. In addition to that, you should also review some driving rules to make your trip enjoyable and safe.

Try looking at the roads you will travel and see if there are construction sites, road closures, or any problem along the way. This is also the best time to ensure that you have emergency kits in case of unexpected situations. Make sure to review some driving rules before your road trip.

Basic Vehicle Checks:

  • Take your vehicle for a maintenance check, especially if you are due for maintenance.
  • Check whether there is enough washer fluid for the wiper.
  • Check the spare tire and its air pressure.
  • Make sure you have tools for basic troubleshooting such as changing a flat tire.
  • Check the fluid levels of the vehicle: brakes, oil, etc.

Your Well-being as a Driver

Don’t forget to take care of your health. Have a good, restful sleep before going for a long drive. Ideally, have another person who can share driving responsibilities with you.

Driving Rules and Tips for the Road Trip

  • Drive at a steady speed within the speed limit: Constant lane changing may feel like you’re driving faster. But you won’t. Your driving tends to average out over the hours and distances. Drive safe with a good speed. Speed limits are set to keep you and other drivers safe.
  • Maintain good distance: In cities, with the city traffic the vehicles moves with less speed. So only a small gap is to be maintained between the vehicles. In highways, vehicles move with a greater speed. Maintain enough distance with the car in front of you so you have enough time and space to brake safely.
  • Keeps eyes on the road: Be alert while driving. Keep your eyes on the road. Move your eyes with the road and check for everything and anything on the road. Avoid distractions.
  • Check mirrors while driving: In all the vehicles there are 3 mirrors provided. 2 side view mirrors and 1 rear view mirror. Check all of these every now and then, and while overtaking another car.
  • Watch out for the blind spots: Our eyes may not reach every part of the driving vehicle. There are certain blind spots you should know while driving a vehicle. Even if you look at your side mirrors, if another car is about 1 foot behind you, either to the left or right, there’s a good chance that you may not see it because of the blind spot in your side mirrors. Scoot forward for a little bit as you check your left side mirror to make sure you don’t have a car behind you.
  • Safety at signals: While moving on the road we encounter a large number of signals. At red lights, if we are on the back of another vehicle maintain a small distance to avoid getting hit from the vehicle in front and avoid sudden speeding of the vehicle when the light turns green.
  • Taking left or right turns: While taking turns to the left or right, put appropriate signals. If your blinkers are broken, show hand signals to make it clear. Do not take a left or right turn suddenly as it may cause accidents.
  • Pay attention to traffic signs: The driver should have good knowledge about the sign boards. Sign boards shows us many things such as if there is a crossing coming or a railway cross coming or whether a big turn is approaching.
  • Stop if you’re lost, sleepy, tired, or uncomfortable. 

 These are just a few driving rules you need to review before a long drive. Stay safe and enjoy your road trip!

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