Review of Duracell 600 Watt / 1300 Amp Powerpack Pro Jump Starter

It pays to have a nice, handy jump starter at the trunk of your car, but what if you need a big jump starter for a big ass truck?

You better reach out for the the Duracell 600 Watt/ 1300 Amp Powerpack Pro Jump Starter.

Got a compact car or a motorcycle? This baby can handle ’em just fine. But even if you got a V8 car, a mini-truck, or a motorboat, the Duracell 1300 Amp Powerpack Pro Jump Starter will do the job. You won’t be stranded in the middle of the road or the even the sea if that boat fails you.

And it’s not just a jump starter! It also comes with an air compressor. If you want to go camping, it can even double as a charging station for your laptop, smartphone, or other devices, thanks to its Power Inverter feature with Dual AC wall outlets and two USB. Based on the Manufacturer’s product description, if you have this jump starter fully charged, you can recharge a Smartphone up to 19 times and a tablet for up to 7 times.

Duracell is a famous battery manufacturer. And they’ve brought that expertise to this device with a sealed, no-spill 18 amper Absorbed Glass Mat battery. Just plug it in a socket inside your home and take it with you when you’re ready to go.

It also comes with safety features that will trigger an alarm in cases of overload, high temperature, and circuit and reverse polarity.


The list price of Duracell 600 Watt / 1300 Amp Powerpack Pro Jump Starter is over $200, but when you buy via Amazon, you get it for a little over $170. Not bad for its size and features!

duracell powerpack pro

Average Amazon Ratings

It got a 3.9 out of 5 Stars out of 400 reviews. It has more than 50% 5-Star ratings, and 15% 1 Star rating.

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Here’s a positive review from Terminator:

My review is only to provide my feedback from technical aspect to help the buyers like me either to be at a comfort level to repair if they have a broken powerpack or for people who needs to understand the serviceability aspect of it. I purchased it recently and tested it only once. I ran a pedestal fan around 100 Watts continuously for 6 to 7 Hrs. I am guessing this should give a very decent 8 Hrs. for a laptop or small 12Volt or 5Volt gadgets.

I was looking for a power source mainly for picnic and camping purposes. I narrowed down on this Powerpack after doing lot of research, read reviews on several powerpacks. This one is far the best by looks wise and by capacity, it has 26AH battery, all others pretty much had far lesser capacity battery (as per specs) and most of them have compressor and jump cables attached to them, which tells me the battery is very small by size and capacity. I don’t need jumper cables and compressor attached to this so I purchased this one. If you need just the power source with additional capability to jump start this is the one undoubtedly from the larger battery capacity.

1. This device has a 12v 26 AH Maintenance free Lead acid battery, roughly the size of a golf cart battery or maybe a wheel chair battery. I am sure you can replace it if it goes bad, it is not a odd sized, non-user serviceable battery like Apples iphone/ipad or battery :). It is like a mini car battery so don’t expect it jump start a eight cylinder vehicle or run your refrigerator.

2. It has power inverter in a enclosure probably around 800 to 1000 watts like the one we find in pep boys or Auto zone. It has other components and connectors separately modularised so it is easy to service and replace.

3. On the overall it is pretty easy to repair or replace parts and don’t have to depend on Duracell. It is definitely a good device since battery can be replaced if required replacement of inverter.

4. Opening it is little tricky with two level cover screws to be removed. The orange body shell is like a clam shell with screws around the body and four screws at the bottom of the rubber feet. Once you remove orange color body shell the actual black color casing is held with normal star headed screws. Once you unscrew the case, it opens to the back cover from the USB port side of the device. Please note since this is sealed lead acid battery you can put it on its side and will not damage the battery.

Another Positive Review from Likes to Read

After a lot of research, I chose the Duracell 600 for it’s portability, power, price, and charging options. I bought this to use my CPAP and charge small electronics during power outages and camping trips. It can be charged via regular household outlet, my car cigarette lighter, or a solar panel that I also purchased. No problems right out of box. I initially charged it overnight. A few days later, I decided to try it out with my CPAP and it lasted 3 nights at my pressure of 12 and humidifier off. The low charge signal was handy to remind me to recharge (which may have saved the day if I was carrying it in my car for emergencies). Prior to purchase, I had been eyeing it for quite some time at around $179, then Hurricane Sandy came along and I was really sorry that I hadn’t purchased it. It was unavailable for several weeks after, so as soon as I could, I was happy to buy it for around $130 shipping included. I have seen it elsewhere for more than $200. I could probably have pieced together something a little cheaper, or with more power, but for me it’s great. I don’t have to remember a bunch of separate componants going camping or to the beach, I can jump start my car with it if needed, and I’m sure that there will be times when the light will come in handy. This unit is acting as my third and smallest back up power source to a gas generator and a solar unit. By far it’s my most portable, compact, and least expensive option that still gets the job done.

What You Should Watch Out For

As is the case for every review we put out here, we will also alert you to some problems and issues that users of this product have found.

  • The Low Battery alert is ridiculously loud and terrible. Here’s what Shawn Feddersen had to say:

This works marvelously. I bought it primarily for camping with my Cpap. Little did I know that when the battery runs low it would give off the LOUDEST most earsplitting, high pitch, BEEP. I think it woke the entire campground. Luckily it was that high high pitch that nobody can quite pinpoint. Duracell Really needs to find a better warning alarm to let you know that the battery is low. The one they have now is RIDICULOUS! Other than that I can get two nights out of it with charging in the car while driving around. We also were able to use it to pump up the air mattresses.

  • The Power Switch is on the side and it may bump to turn on or off when the car is in motion.
  • The device can take long to charge.
  • The charging cord may be hidden at a compartment area, so be sure to look for it before calling the customer service.

On the Whole…

On the whole, this is a solid jump starter that can double as a power source for your camping trips. As with any kind of battery, make sure to take care of the device to ensure that it stays working for a long time.

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