Going on a Road Trip? Read Our Guide

Road trips are fun! You get to experience different cities and places. You also get to spend more time with your family, partner, or friends. Sure it has its challenges and difficulties. But if you take proper precaution, inspect your car, and drive safely, it is a really great experience.

Guide to Taking a Road Trip

We’ve written a series of articles to help you prepare for and enjoy a Road Trip. Click on the following links below to read each one.


Before a Long Drive

10 Essential Checks before a Long Drive

Before you take your car out for a long ride, check it or take it to your mechanic. Nothing ruins a good vacation like a car that refuses to run.

How to Plan Rest Stops for a Long Trip

As you plan your trip, identify your rest stops. As a general rule, plan to stop between 2-3 hours to stretch your arms and legs, eat something, or enjoy a tourist spot along the way.

Driving Rules to Review before a Long Drive

You know you’re a good driver. But it doesn’t hurt to review some of these rules. Even the best drivers need occasional reminders.

5 Apps to Make Your Long Drive Bearable

A long drive can be brutal. Download these 5 apps that helps make your long drive bearable.


During the Road Trip

10 Tips to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Driving along the highway is great! You get to enjoy higher mileage per gallon. For other ways to improve your fuel efficiency, check out this article.

How Many Miles Can You Drive After Your Fuel Light Comes On

Did your car beep to remind you that fuel is about to run out? Don’t worry, you have a couple of miles yet.

Should You Drive Long Distances at Night: Benefits and Risks

City driving means horrendous traffic! The alternative is to drive long distances at night. You can avoid traffic, but you run the risk of driving while sleepy, or even falling asleep! Read this article to weigh in on the benefits and risks of driving long distances at night.


5 Reasons Why You Need the Waze app while Driving

Waze is a great app. It helps you find your destination, remind you about your speed, and even lets you know if there is police along your way.

Google Maps Tips & Tricks to Help Your Driving

In addition to Waze, Google Maps is also a good app to open while driving. Check out several features to help you navigate.


Emergency Situations

What to do when you get stopped by a police or highway patrol?

If you are driving and you get stopped by a police or highway patrol, don’t panic. Read this article to know what to do.

How to Deal with a Car Accident

Accidents do happen… even to the most careful drivers. So if you’re unsure what to do if it happens, read this article. It helps to be prepared.

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