What Is An Inverter Generator?

Are you planning to buy a portable generator? If yes, well, you’re not the only one. The worldwide market for portable generators is worth about 2 billion dollars. This is expected to rise steadily in the next several years.

The reasons could be your worry about the frequency and intensity of storms, the decaying structure of the power grid, or terrorism threats. Or, maybe you want a generator to hook up to your RV, power your TV while you tailgate at the big games, or to carry along while you’re camping.

Before, you only have one option if you wanted a generator. But throughout the years, inverter generator has come to the scene in the field of portable generators.

Definition of Generator

A generator converts energy from oil into electricity.

A traditional generator provides you with effective but sloppy electricity – imagine a 5-year-old’s drawing of a person. You can recognize it as a person, but maybe the body is not proportion, and the parts are of different sizes.

The electricity you sourced from the power company, though it is neat and better, like an artist’s sketch of a person.

The electrical devices that you grew up with – radios, kitchen appliances, hairdryers, and lamps – they didn’t really care if the electricity was neat or sloppy.

However, today, the electrical devices you use every day – TVs, computers, and cellphones – are picky. These devices are sensitive and can’t always tolerate sloppy electricity. In fact, sloppy electricity can damage them.

However, if you have a steady stream of electricity, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Why Choose Inverter Generator?

1. It Protects Your Gadgets

The inverter generator provides clean and neat electricity your modern electronics need. The inverter generator may still produce sloppy electricity; however, it takes an extra step to clean it up and make it safe to consume for your appliances.

2. It is More Fuel Efficient

Just like a traditional generator, inverter generators also use fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel, or propane. But unlike the traditional ones, inverter generators only make enough electricity to meet demand.

It also powers up and powers down as your devices use or don’t use power. This means, inverter generator, only uses less fuel than the old-fashioned generator. This makes it a more environmentally-friendly choice.

3. It is Smaller and Lighter

Inverter generators are portable. They are smaller and lighter than common generators. This means you can easily put them into your car and take them along easily. Although traditional generators are also described as portable, some small ones are heavy and bulky, which stretches its limits of portability.

4. It is Quieter

Another huge selling point of the inverter generator is how silent they are. A regular generator is so loud; you can hear it miles away. So, having them around while camping is not advisable.

But, with an inverter generator, you can simply stand next to it and chitchat with a person next to you. Moreover, since the inverter generator powers up and down based on the number of plugged devices, its noise does, too.

Drawbacks of Inverter Generator

Almost anything in this world has a “but” coming, and inverter generators are no exception to it. It may have a lot to recommend it, but this has two major drawbacks.

1. Cost

Inverter generators cost more. This is because they clean up the electricity and do so in a lighter, smaller, quieter, and more fuel-efficient package.

Even if it’s pricier than the traditional, you can save twice or thrice the consumption with this in the long-run.

2. Limited Volume

There’s no available inverter generator that can power your entire house. It can’t handle the capacity. So, if you’re looking for a generator and hopes to power up the fridge, hot water heater, dryer, and more, you need to reevaluate.

Anyway, you can opt to buy a second inverter generator and connect them together to meet the extra demand. However, it still can’t level the capacity of the standard traditional generator.


The inverter generator is quiet, lightweight, and fuel-efficient. It’s a great device to have on hand to power your most sensitive devices during an outage or to bring along when doing outdoor activities. This is pricier, but a well-worth investment to consider. You won’t be sorry about this.

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