Apps and Websites to Look for Car Audio Near Me

The Internet is overwhelming. You may be frustrated with searching for the best apps and websites to look for when purchasing car audio. But in this post, you’ll be at ease because we will provide you a detailed list of the apps and websites to look for the best car audio for your needs this 2019.

1.      WoofersEtc.Com

WoofersEtc, Inc. is a Los Angeles based electronics distribution company. They emphasize selling on high-end brands, offer wholesale pricing, and provide excellent customer service. All tech support staff are highly trained and huge audiophiles.

The company’s philosophy is simple: “give people what they want, quickly, and treat your customers well.” The Better Business Bureau and recognized for outstanding customer support.

The WoofersEtc online catalog now boasts over 100 of the world’s highest quality and most popular brands. Over 5,000 products are currently available for purchase, many of which are hard to find, high-end products. In fact, not a single company on planet Earth carries a wider variety of car audio under one roof!

Compared to other online stores, their products are one of the cheapest. It’s because, by default, their pricing is calculated by adding a small markup over cost rather than trying to sell products for their full retail price. purchases in bulk, which enables them to obtain maximum discounts. All of these strategies are used to keep the final selling prices low. In this way, they pass all savings on to the consumer.

For better deals, purchases shipping to any of the 49 states (outside of CA) pays no sales tax. The website’s “flat rate” shipping policy is also a definite perk for those ordering multiple products.

Unlike many competing web sites which charge shipping per item, or a marked-up shipping price based on the total weight of a consumer’s order, WoofersEtc’s shopping cart will charge a one-time, flat rate between $9.99 to $29.99 based on the total value of the order. Essentially, the larger your order, the more you’ll save on shipping.

As of the moment, 85% of orders placed with will ship within 24 hours, 95% within 48 hours. Shipping is immediately followed by an email containing delivery and tracking information.

 Every single product you purchase from WoofersEtc includes the comfort which can only be achieved with a full 1-year warranty. Regardless of the brand or product, the company’s 1 year “in-house” warranty stands behind every single brand-new product you can purchase.

2. was founded in 1999. They have one of the largest selections of car audio and accessories in the US.

Their site has over 8000 products stock daily. From here, you can see their commitment to catering to the needs of millions of their online customers. They also ensure that they priced their car audios appropriately.

They offer fast, easy, hassle-free online shopping. They also have real customer service to assist people with various concerns.


Bill founded Crutchfield in 1974. It started in the family garage in Charlottesville, Virginia. It all started when he was trying to fix a problem he’d experienced as a customer – how do you figure out the best car audio in your vehicle?

From that question, he found that the answer was to acquire expert information. Having more than 6 million customers to date, their principle on doing expert-based work continues to drive their business.

They take their pride their built tools like the Outfit my Car tool and their interactive 25,000-vehicle-strong Vehicle Fit Database. They also continue to develop technological innovations so customers can choose car audio online in their site and shop the best ones with the company’s advisor.

What’s good with them is that they offer free-2 day shipping, free lifetime tech support, 60-day returns, big discounts on car installation gear, radio wiring, in-depth vehicle research, hands-on product research, and free DIY tips in their site.

4. provide the lowest prices on their most popular car audio brands. They strive to provide excellent customer service before and after you order from them.

Aside from the veteran car audio installers who provide the highest level of service, they also ship their products fast. They have a deal that when you place your order before 3:00 pm, you’ll get your car audio the same day.

They have a wide range of brands and products that include car audio products, car audio accessories, mobile video products, and marine audio equipment.

Everything they sell is in-stock and ready to ship out unless otherwise stated on their product page.


Founded in 1991, Car Audio Giant’s business started to expand and grow to provide quality products and services to customers. By simply browsing on their site, you can see their item listings. When a specific model is unavailable to their website, you can give them a call.

They promised to be fully committed to ensuring their customer’s satisfaction. But what makes them different from other car audio sites?

First, they stock all of their products and ship orders out on time in 1 to 2 business days. Second, they have superior customer service and car audio experts that can answer all the questions to ensure you order the right items. Lastly, they provide free warranty service will all the items they sell and take care of any issues with products, including technical support and warranties quickly.

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