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A baby car video monitor helps you keep an eye on your child without taking your eyes off the road. Watching out for your child while you’re driving is hard to do. A baby car video monitor helps make this task easier and safer for you and the child.

Baby car video monitors work through a system where it focuses a camera on the baby and sends the image to a screen for easy viewing of the driver. Through this, you can see how your baby is doing at the back without turn around to check.

Baby Car Video Monitor Features

Some baby car video monitors use a camera that straps to the back of the seat located in front of the baby’s car seat. The monitor screen is used similarly to GPS devices where you can install near the center of your windshield.

The modern baby car video monitors are wireless. This is convenient as you don’t need any cords between the monitor and the camera. While driving, all you need is to turn on the baby car video monitor and see the live feed of your baby during the trip.

Some baby car video monitors work in both daytime and nighttime conditions. It would be preferable to purchase a baby car video monitor with a night vision feature.

Tech That Puts Safety First

A baby car video monitor is not a necessity like a car seat. But, if you are spending much time in a car and you want to make things easier and safer for everyone, then it’s worth an investment.

Baby Car Video Monitor Options

Parents believed that owning a baby car video monitor helps to increase safety. Since you want to ensure that your baby is content, you want to purchase the best baby car video monitor for your needs.

So, allow me to share with you the top three baby car video monitors to choose from.

1.  Yada Tiny Traveler Digital Wireless Baby Car Video Monitor

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The Yada Tiny Traveler Baby Monitor comes in a few different packages. The basic package includes a monitor video camera and monitor. The deluxe package features upgrades to the monitor size and quality. 

Both packages guarantee a reliable baby car video monitor with a color display and streaming video.  The night vision feature allows for viewing in the dark from the video camera with either a 45 degree or 90-degree viewing angle.

This baby car video monitor is wireless and uses rechargeable batteries but can run out with prolonged use. So, make sure you have extra batteries on the road.

The Yada car baby monitor is easy to install. You simply strap the video camera to the seat headrest or adjacent window then run the power cable to a power source.

2.  Infanttech Automobile Baby Monitor

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The Infanttech Video and Audio Baby Monitor are designed for both car and home use.  Its versatility makes it an excellent idea for keeping an eye on your child while in the back seat.

The monitor has size options, which can be either 3.5″ or 4.3″. Some have a split-screen feature which allows for viewing of multiple cameras simultaneously.

The baby car video monitor features night vision technology for constant night time viewing.  It’s also 100% wireless and lasts up to 3 – 4 hours on a single charge.  You can also install this anywhere in your car without the hassle of cords,

When compared to other baby car video monitors, the Infanttech unit is disguised in a stuffed animal like a puppy, giraffe, or monkey. So, if you want to add a bit of fun to your car, then this baby car video monitor is for you.

3.  Driver’s Little Helper

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The Driver’s Little Helper baby car video monitor uses a sensor pad that is placed under the car seat’s fabric.  This pad senses motion, so you know if your child gets out of the seat. It will also make an alarm if you stop and forget your baby in the vehicle.

Aside from its ability to monitor the movement of the child, the sensor will relay the car seat’s temperature with a 15-second delay. It’s useful mostly in places with extreme conditions as you can determine if the baby gets uncomfortable with the temperature.

The power pack and sensor are easy to install. You’ll simply slide the monitor under the car seat fabric and attach the power pack to the back of the car seat or seatbelt.

In addition to monitoring the movement of your baby, the sensor will relay the temperature of the car seat with a 15-second delay.  This is very useful in extremely cold or hot climates where your baby can get uncomfortably hot or cold to the point where it can become a real threat to your baby’s safety. 

The sensor and power pack are easy to install by simply sliding under the car seat fabric and attaching the power pack to the back of the seat or seatbelt.  The product comes with detailed instructions if you need further assistance.  

This product does require the app that can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.  Once the product is installed, you need to sync it with the app. By then, you can start receiving updates and alerts so you can have some peace of mind and confidence with your baby car video monitor 

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