Best Websites to Look For and Buy a Car

In this article, we will present the best websites to look for and buy a car. While this is greatly applicable to people who are looking for used cars, the websites in this list will also help those who are looking for a brand new car.

If you have set your budget and you know your car needs, the world wide web is a great place to look for a car. It saves time and helps you compare several cars from different dealerships at the same time! The websites offering different car options will also list important information that will help you decide which car to buy–the mileage of the car, the history of the car through Carfax or Autocheck.

Another advantage of looking for cars online is the ability to use different filters for your car search. You can specify the price range, the body type of the car, the transmission, color, and many other options. You can even set it up so that you will be notified whenever new listings are added to these websites. In most cases, the same cars will show up in the following websites. But you can also compare the prices in each website to check if a car is cheaper through one website or another.

Here are the best websites to look for and buy a car.

This website has a very extensive and deep resource for people who are looking forward to buy a used car. There are filters that you can use to select the model and make of the car type you prefer. You can also specify your minimum and maximum budget. Just enter your zip code to look at available cars near you. This will also help you schedule a visit and a test drive whenever you’re ready. In most cases, the Carfax history of the car is available in the site. It is also possible to contact the dealer or seller directly through the website.

There is a large selection of cars on the website and it is very easy to navigate. If you are buying a used car for the first time, you will find it very easy to look for one on this website.

When it comes to advance search features, AutoTrader has some of the best. With the initial search feature on the website, it is possible to select a price, model and make for any car. You also have the option of specifying other features such as fuel economy, transmission and body type. The interface of Autotrader is also easy to use, and will not confuse you. This is my personal favorite and has helped me buy my first car.

This website is run by the National Automotive Dealers Association. It also shows listings from private sellers. There are several types and models of cars available on the website. You can also get manufactured homes, classic vehicles, boats, RVs and motorcycles, if you are in the market for these.

This website has a user-friendly and intuitive shopping tool. It will show you detailed information about the cars you are looking at. Similar to other online marketplaces for cars, you can search for cars based on price, body style, make and model, as well as fuel efficiency. When looking at more than one car, you can compare them side by side.

You also get access to other features such as resource for approval of car loan, record of vehicle search and payment calculator. But as we always recommend on this blog, please consider getting a car loan from a credit union, instead of through dealerships.

If you love to collect classic cars, then you will love this particular website. It is possible to buy some classic cars from as far back as the 1930s from this website. But you should be prepared to do your due diligence and pay for higher prices for classic cars. There are several resources that you can get from Hemmings including an updated blog and newsletter on a daily basis with information about classic cars. You can also visit the webstore of the website to buy wall calendars, books for car collectors, hemming apparel and diecast models.

CarsDirect is a straightforward and simple website for buying a used car. You can filter cars based on the model, make, price and body style as well as your area of residence. You will be able to get results about your desired cars from both car owners and car dealers. You can also view Carfax reports of the cars you are looking at.

You can save your search history as well as the cars you like, so that you can go back to them easily as you continue doing your research. The website also lets you submit inquiries about the cars and for you to explore financing.

When you first visit this website, it looks like most of the other online marketplaces. The advantage of this platform however, is their mobile app that is very simple to use and attractive. You can download the app to use on the iOS and Android operating system. With the aid of the app, you can go through databases of other apps and websites where used cars are sold. This will help you aggregate and get access to more car options in the market. is a platform for selling cars that was created in 2013. It boasts itself as the first truly online marketplace for buying a car. This has led to its growth and popularity. From the comfort of your home, you can look for a car you want, explore financing and when you have selected your car, it will be delivered to you. They also have car vending machine, which is reputed to be the first in the world, located at Nashville, Tennessee. That is pretty revolutionary. But if you like shopping for cars the old fashioned way, this may not work well for you.


The World Wide Web has simplified the car research and car buying process. But it should not lull you into thinking that you can do everything online. There is still big value in going to a dealership, inspecting the car, and test driving it.

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