How To Clean Corrosion In Your Car Battery

If your car battery is corroded, it will affect the car’s performance and hamper its running speed. Prevention is always the best way to keep your battery clean and safe from corrosion. However, there is always a solution if you discover corrosion in your car battery. Below are proven ways to clean your car battery when it’s been corroded.

Before you begin, you’ll need a petrol jelly, locking pliers, a wrench, water, baking soda, toothbrush or steel wool, safety glasses, and rubber gloves.

Disconnect the battery

To prevent damage to any sensitive component in the car, the first thing to do here is to disconnect the battery cables from the terminals. When doing this you should not touch the two terminals at the same time. First remove the negative terminal (-) before the positive one. (+). In a serious case of corrosion where the battery terminal is very stiff on the nut, you can make use of a pair of vice clamp to loosen the nut.

Find out if there is any corrosion on the terminal

Find out if the terminal of the battery is free of corrosion. Clean it up with a soft brush to enable you to examine it properly. If you notice some level of corrosion, then you can take the following steps to solve the problem.

Apply Baking Soda

Pour some baking soda on wires, cables, battery posts and the affected area of the terminal where corrosion is visible. Once you have done that, you’ll need to put on your rubber gloves and safety goggles for the next steps.

Brush the terminal properly

Dip a hard toothbrush in water and scrub the areas where bigger brushes cannot reach. As the water mixes with the sprinkled baking soda, it will dissolve any form of corrosion found in the battery terminal.

You also need to check the battery cables and clamps

There may be some levels of corrosion on the cables and clamps. These parts may bring more corrosion if they are not properly checked and cleaned. Clean them up and if the corrosion is extensive, replacing the cables and claps will be the best alternative. Overall, you need to check every area of the battery around the terminal for corrosion and clean appropriately with baking soda. Allow them to dry properly before trying to fix them back.

It’s always necessary to apply petroleum jelly before fixing

Once you’re through with cleaning, wipe the areas properly with a clean rag or rinse with little water. Once dry, you need to apply petroleum jelly to the affected parts. This will help minimize further corrosion in the future. Make sure that other areas like battery posts, clamps, and cables are greased as well.

Reconnect the battery

The last step is to hook up your battery. When doing this it’s important to start by hooking up the positive clamp before connecting the negative clamp. After this is done, stiffen the nuts properly using a wrench and place the plastic shield on the terminal. While checking for corrosion, find out if there is any sign of cracking damage to the battery. You’ll need to replace the battery if you notice any crack on it. Remember that although your intention is to check for corrosion and clean them out, it will be necessary to check the entire area of the battery for other faults.

Safety Tips

When applying Baking soda, make sure you do not breathe it in because it’s a highly crystallized acid which is extremely dangerous when inhaled. If you’re not comfortable with baking soda, there are other materials you can use effectively to clean corrosion from your battery.

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