DashCam Review: AUTO-VOX D1 Full HD Dashboard Camera

In the market for a dashcam? Read this review of the Auto-Vox D1 Full HD Dashboard Camera. Don’t forget to read our guide to buying a Dash Camera.

Average Amazon Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 70+ reviews


  • Equipped with a night vision with Wide Dynamic Range and a f1.6 six-glass multi-layer filter wide angle lenses.
  • If you encounter an accident, its G-sensor will lock the DVR file to prevent writing over the file.
  • When you park, its Guarded Parking feature will monitor and record whatever happens around your car.
  • This product comes with a free 32GB TF card. This will cover over 6 hours of HD (1080p) video recording

This dash cam provides all the benefits of a regular cameras but with a compact screen size of 2.7 inches.

It features a wide angle lens ensuring that your surroundings are captured thoroughly. It also has a 6 glass multilayer filter ensuring that images are of top notch quality despite variations in lighting and weather.

This camera features Motion Detective, a sensor which activates recording at the slightest hint of motion and ceases when movement stops. It also offers Guarded Parking, automatically monitoring your surroundings when parked.

Both of these ensure that your investment is safe and protected at all times.

For young drivers sometimes accidents are inevitable. This dash camera offers Shock Lock, a mechanism whereby which in case of severe vehicle collisions the DVR automatically locks, protecting the video showing moment of impact. This together with the automatic time stamp act as a great source of evidence which can hold up in a court of law.

But thats not all. The dashboard camera has a battery life of approximately four days when fully charged and comes with Loop Recording which can be set at intervals of two, three and five minutes.

It can hold up to six hours of recordings, a plus when combined with the complimentary 32GB memory card, with a quality of 1080 pixels and automatically records new data over the oldest saved data which aids in convenience and ease of use.

It has a suction cup mount which can be used to attach the camera to almost any surface within the car and has great holding power able to withstand humps and bumps. The boot up time of less than thirty seconds coupled with easy to follow user interface allows for a smooth handling experience.

A few nuances have been discovered concerning this product though. The power cord itself is long and does not come with clips leading to poor aesthetic value. In addition the charging plug does not fit snugly Into the camera port and the display has been noted to freeze on a few occasions by customers.

Despite these negatives, for the features mentioned above and a price of about $100.00 this seems like an excellent choice which can add to the safety and security of not only your vehicle but also to your well being.

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