Does Frost Guard Work?

During the winter, your windshield can be invaded by frost. It can easily take you 15 minutes to remove the ice and the frost. To shorten the time for you to get out of the parking area and start going to work, read on for a possible solution.

The idea behind frost guard is to cover your windshield and protect it from the wind and cold. The frost will accumulate on the frost guard instead of your windshield. Instead of firing up your engine, open the heater and blast it on to your windshield, you can remove the frost guard, stow it in your trunk, and then drive off to work!

So, how to choose your frost guard?

Before choosing your car frost guard, look at the type that you need. If you want to leave your car in a parking lot, you can choose a cheap tarpaulin that can help protect your car from dust, scratches, or even frost.


The first consideration is the size of your vehicle. Most frost guards come in a standard size, which fits most sedans. But if you have a larger car or a SUV, choose the XL.


Good frost guards don’t absorb water. So

Does Frost Guard Work?

No need to buy a windshield guard that will fly off at the first gust of wind. You will have lost time, money, and your car will not be properly protected.

Frost guard protects the windshield as well as side windows, exterior mirrors and door locks from frost, snow and sunlight. With special fixing flanges it traps in the doors and at the same time provide effective protection against theft. Additional fixing can be done by means of magnets sewn on the roof and doors.

The Frost guard is perfect to protect your car. This high quality car cover is a perfect choice to block ultraviolet rays, snow and dust and protect your car from scratches. It will effectively prevent dust from entering the car and keep the car clean both inside and out.

Easy and quick to install on the inside and outside of the windshield – the Frost guard or anti-frost cover will be your ally during the winter and summer. It will save you time each morning because once positioned outside the windshield, it will protect it from frost and snow. It will also be very useful in summer when you park, to protect your vehicle from heat and direct sunlight.

Strong Points

• Durable and temperature insensitive fabric
• Frost-free windows in winter
• Protection for side windows, mirrors and padlocks
• Winter heat protection


• Does not scratch the body thanks to the extremely flexible material and integrated magnets
• Protects the windshield from freezing
• Polyethylene fabric
• UV and weather resistant
• Water repellent
• Heat resistant
• Universal size
• The Resistant Material of Frost guard is Easy to Wash
• Made from durable fabric; the cover is built to last and easy to each wash
• With a storage bag, the cover can be folded easily
• Reflective safety warning lines in a Frost guard protect the safety of your car at night

If you’re in a place that gets a lot of snow and ice, frost guards can be a worthy investment.


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