Driving Mistakes that Parents Need to Avoid

Even though you have done your research and have bought the safest car for your family, it doesn’t mean that your family, especially kids are 100% safe from harm, injuries or any unfortunate event of car incidents. Obviously, car accidents are not something that you can avoid although you have taken proper precautions because some collisions or faults are caused by the other drivers or road users.

Here’s a driving mistakes that parents need to avoid.

Don’t talk on your mobile phone, unless you absolutely must

Talking or chatting on a phone will slow your reaction in giving a response to a certain events. Even though you use a headset, taking on phone still can distract you from your focus because the primary hazard of talking on phone during driving is the distraction of the conversation. Moreover, dialing a number is even more dangerous can could cause you more harm. However, if you really need to make or take a phone call for urgent matter, keep in mind to make it short. Otherwise, let the person to leave a message and call them back later. You also may want to consider to pull over for a bit to answer the call or make a phone call.

Don’t drive drowsy

Don’t drive whenever you feel too tired or lack of sleep, especially when you have your kids in the car. Most people will not be able to keep our minds alert when they are drowsy. Drowsy driving will increase the risk of car accidents because drivers’ reaction is slower when they are drowsy. It also commonly happens that driver falls asleep for a second inevitably, and even falling asleep for less than one second will cause you losing control of your car. So, when you feel drowsy, take a minute or ask someone else to replace you.

Don’t overspeed

The faster you drive, the shorter amount of time you have to respond if anything occurs in your path, and thus the longer it takes for you to slow down or to stop. Every second can cause a different situation between life and death.

Avoid snacking while driving

It may be tempting grab some snack or coffee while you were driving your kids to school in the morning. However, study found that snacking or eating is nearly as distracting as chatting or talking on your mobile phone. When you look down for your snack even though only for a second, you will miss what’s in front of you. And again, every second can means a different situation in driving. However, if you have to eat because you missed your breakfast, keep your food on your side, and you may take bites only when you wait for the traffic lights.

Never leave your children alone in the car

Even though only for a few minutes because you need to take money from the ATM, you must never leave your kids, especially babies, and toddlers, alone in the car. Accidents can always happen in a blink of an eye. The temperatures inside a vehicle when the engine is running can skyrocket quickly, and this can cause a life-threatening hypothermia or heat stroke. This also become the most common incidents that could harm your children’s life. Moreover, leaving your kids alone in the car unattended also can accidentally lock your kids up in the car.

Don’t breastfeed your baby while you are driving

Even sitting in the driver’s seat with holding a baby is dangerous. If there are a collision and your airbag discharges, it could kill your baby. If you need to feed your baby because they’re hungry or fussy, you have to make a stop and find a safe place.

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