Four Way Intersection Rules to Remember

Everyone remembers the time when you were a child and you would watch your parents sitting in the front of the car and just taking you to places. The family car was the magic carpet we saw in the movies and we were the fairy tale kings. Now, as we grew older, the magic of it gave way to an understanding of what a car is and how it works.

However, it did not take away the fascination of it. Even today, so many of us are fascinated by the working of a car and all the little things that go into it. Now, even if you are at an age that you can learn to drive. There is still some theory that you need to remember especially if you are finally on the road.

Now, we are all aware of the rules of traffic light, almost everyone has heard the nursery rhymes about the colors of traffic signal. However, that little rhyme doesn’t educate about all the rules of the road.

An intersection, is a four way stop where you will be faced with the question that who has the right to go first? It can be a very stressful experience and not being sure if you have the right of passage or not.

Four-way Intersection Rules to Remember

If you don’t know the rules and think you can do whatever you want then be warned that it can be hazardous.

The basic rule of the four-way intersection is “first come first serve”, which means that the car that is first to arrive has the right to go first and it does not matter which lane the car is in. A lot of people try to dismiss this and that is one of the main reasons why so many people get into accidents on the road. Do not dismissing the rules!

If several cars arrive at a four-way intersection at the same time, the vehicle that is located the furthest to the right has the right to go first and the other car is supposed to give it the right of way and let it pass. That is confusing, which is why it is important to establish eye contact and signal if possible.

Signals, Blinkers!

Don’t forget to use your turn signals when you arrive at the intersection so that other drivers would know your intentions. If you are not using the signal then you are not telling the other drivers that you need to turn and let them give you way. If two cars arrived at the opposite roads of the intersection, the car going straight will have the right of way.

Another thing, that one has to keep in mind is that cars on the right has precedence over those at the left. This means that if two cars arrive at the intersection and one intends to go left and one intends to go right. Then the car that intends to go right has the right of way over the one going left.

The rules are simple and by keeping the Four way intersection Rules to Remember, in your head, you could be saving yourself from a chaotic accident that could be possible if you were to show carelessness. So be safe on the road and always remember and respect the rules.

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