Homemade Car Wax Spray

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Do you think it’s really possible to make 2 gallons of homemade car wax spray? Do you think it’s crazy? Or do you think it will only turn out horrible?

About a month ago, I recently discovered this product and the more I use it the more and more I love it. I have not seen any talks about creating a homemade car wax spray and I would like to share my success with this product. I enjoy using it a lot so I know my fellow car enthusiasts will also.

So, what is this product that is going to make us this excellent homemade car wax spray?

Product Description

Quick Detailer

This is where the polymers shine! The proprietary polymers bond to the paint as the lubricants allow dust and dirt to be wiped away scratch-free.

The polymers leave a slick, high gloss finish that is a brilliant complement to any existing wax coat. Since our homemade car wax spray is water-based, it’s safer for you and your vehicle. With this, you can enjoy the sleek, shimmer, and convenience of a quick detailer without harmful chemicals!

To Create a Homemade Car Wax Spray

  • Add 2 – 3 ounces of your preferred No Rinse and Wax quick detailer to 32 ounces of water.
  • Pour this mixture into a clean spray bottle.
  • Mist the paint surface and wipe with a clean, soft microfiber towel to rejuvenate the shine and remove fingerprints and dust.
  • The remaining mixture can be saved for use at a later time.
  • Shake the bottle well before using the quick detailer again.

Making the Homemade Car Wax Spray

  • Start with a 32oz bottle, Fill it up with distilled water.
  • As soon as you pour your preferred No Rinse and Wax quick detailer into the water, you will see the thick wax!
  • Adding the last amount of concentrated solution to add 2oz’s.
  • Shake bottle vigorously to mix the wax properly!
  • You are ready to start spray waxing.


In the description, it says to add 2-3 ozs.  In the product we tested above, we applied 2 oz of product. If you want more of a quick detailer/spray wax hybrid, I would go with the 2oz’s if you want a much thicker spray wax I would go the 3oz.

If you are working outside in a hot climate 2oz’s is the way to go. In a climate control shop, the 3 oz spray wax might be up your alley! I prefer the 2oz dilution, but test 2 bottles to determine your liking.

With one bottle of 16oz of No Rinse and Wax quick detailer, you can create 2 gallons of homemade car wax spray! This means that you can get 256ozs of spray wax for less than 15 dollars. This product is a real winner and I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do.

Like any car wax spray, make sure you shake well before you use it! Moreover, this product works excellent as a drying aid as well.

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