How Close to a Public Transport Stop is Parking Allowed?

Bus stop signs are all over the city. How close to a public transport stop is parking allowed? You may be following a bus that keeps stopping in its lane. But that’s just expected because it is supposed to pick up and let off passengers.

Parking rules are set to avoid traffic congestion. That is why parking lots are often offered on the city outskirts and most of the time, paid parking lots can be found in many parts of the city center.

Stopping OR Parking?


A stop is a momentary stop or immobilization of the vehicle on the road. For the vehicle to be considered stopped; its driver must be inside or nearby. Most of the time, the car engine should be running or idling.

The reason for stopping may be: the ascent or descent of passengers, the loading or unloading of the vehicle, or another reason, but always for a short time. If the driver is not in the car, that is not considered a stop.


Parking is usually longer than stopping. The vehicle engine is off and the driver is not inside the car and not standing or staying nearby.

A stationary or parked vehicle must not obstruct traffic or represent a dangerous obstacle. It is forbidden to stop by car or park on the sidewalk unless specifically marked on the ground.

Parking Rules

Parking, whether in a built-up area or outside a built-up area, is subject to a number of rules

In Urban Areas

  • The stop or parking is on the right, in the direction of the walk, along the sidewalk
  • Stopping or parking is prohibited on the left
  • The stop or the parking is authorized in the car parks or on the defined places
  • Parked cars on paid parking spaces

One-Way Road

The stop or the parking can be done on the right and on the left, along the sidewalk and in the car parks or on the defined places

At Night or In Poor Visibility

It is not necessary to light the head lights when the road is lit

However, it is necessary to turn on the front and rear position lamps when the road is not lit.

Parking Awkward but Stop Tolerated

In the following cases, the user is allowed to stop but not to park:

  • In front of the entrances of buildings
  • Double file of a niche
  • In front of charging stations of electric vehicles
  • On a place reserved for delivery vehicles

How Close To a Public Transport Stop Is Parking Allowed?

You can park 15 meters close to a public transport stop. Drivers are not allowed to stay more than seven consecutive days in the same place. Local regulations may impose a shorter duration.


To be safe from tickets and accident, park only in designated parking areas–paid or free regardless of whether they are close or to public transportation stop or not.

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