How to Remove Egg from Car

I don’t really know how it gets to your car, but if it happens, you need to remove egg from your car! Some tricky bird may lay an egg on a tree that somehow lands onto your car. Or you may have become clumsy and end up breaking eggs onto your car when you’re taking the groceries out of your car.

If it happens in the middle of the day, the heat on the car surface could cook the egg. You would have a sunny side up, except that it’s not on a table and it’s definitely not for breakfast!

Here are some ideas on how to remove egg from car.

First off, you should be careful so as not to damage the paint of your car. If you park outside most of the time, consider buying a car cover or a frost guard. Make it a point to cover your car with a layer of wax, especially if your car is white.

Treat it at once.

If the car has been egged recently and you can see that the stain is still fresh then all you need to do is grab a bucket of cold water and some soap.

Then just lather on the soap and rub till the stain goes away and voila, your car is safe and you can sleep easy. This method will only work for the first hour or so and might not be effective if the egg is left overnight.

Try not to use a harsh soap because then it can really damage the paint. Ordinary car wash soap will work just fine and if you out then you can use your dish soap.

Brake cleaner for the win.

Another great way to fix the stain is by applying a little brake cleaner to the spoiled area.

  • Buy a brake cleaner, you can get one at any sort of automobile store around your area.
  • Grab a heavy paper towel or any sort of towel. Keep in mind that a fragile one will not work for this so you need one that has strength and can handle the job.
  • Fold the towel into squares to enhance its thickness.
  • Apply the brake fluid to the stain and wipe with the towel.
  • Try to remove as much of the stain as you possible can by the towel.
  • Reapply brake fluid if needed but be careful as it is toxic and can potentially harm your vehicle and scratch the paint if over used.
  • There is a lot of chances to hurt the paint that is why we suggest that you get the area repainted or give it a light retouch yourself.

Car wash and wax

Another great method to remove the egg and keep the pint of the car fresh is by using a car wash and wax solution. This method will keep the car looking fresh and will not damage the paint itself.

  • Purchase a wax and wash cleaning solution. You can easily find them on super stores.
  • This solution can be sprayed directly onto the stain.
  • Let the solution sit on the stain for a few minutes so that it can penetrate the stain and help you remove it.
  • Take a nylon scraper to help get the stain off but don’t be too tough to protect the paint itself.
  • Use a damp towel to remove excess pieces.
  • Once you are done with the removal, reapply the wash and wax solution, this will will help bring a good finish back into the paint job.


The best way to deal with these kinds of things is prevention. But like me, you may be clumsy and will make mistakes. So it’s handy to have this reference so you’ll know what to do.

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