How to Take Care of White Car

People choose the color of their car based on different factors: their favorite colors, their mood that day when they went at car dealerships, or maybe the color of the car was dictated by the price of the most affordable car.

In this article, we’ll give you some solid tips on how to take care of white car, but before that, let’s explore some of the reasons why people choose a white car, some of the challenges of owning a white care, and then what you can do to help make your white car look clean and nice!

No matter the reason, white cars are the most sold worldwide! There’s a reason for that.

It ranks within the top three car colors for ease of maintenance. You would expect a white car to be a dust, dirt, and grime magnet like a white shirt or a white piece of paper. But no. Actually, it can hide dirt and grime pretty well.

White, as a color, also makes a car look larger. Contrast that with black, which tends to make a car look slim. (That’s the same principle in fashion.) White does not absorb a lot of heat, and helps cool your car on hot summer days.

And if you go deeper, white is a minimalist color, and to be be honest, it can be quite boring. But if you’re the practical type of person who doesn’t want to spend lots of time and money detailing your car, then white is almost perfect!

White Car Maintenance Challenges

Make no mistake, though, white car can also be tough to maintain.

If it rains, or if you pass by roads with puddles and mud, make no mistake about it–your white car will show the grime kicked up by your tires. In fact, it is the car color that will show the most hard-hitting grime.

If a bird poops on your car, or if you parked under a tree and the sap falls on your car, they will show like pimples on a teenager’s face.

Scratches will also be very noticeable. If you don’t take care of your car’s exterior regularly, it can be the focal point for dirt and rust. It will be very noticeable!

Because a white car can conceal dirt and grime well, it can make you lazy!

Don’t be that guy or gal who shows up at the office parking with the dirtiest white car. It’s not a very good sight and it will reflect on you.

Over time, white paint will turn yellow and chalky because of oxidation and the impact of the sun. That’s why you really need to protect your car paint with the right care and products.

How to Take Care of White Car

First off, have your car washed thoroughly. After having it washed, get the following products, which you will need for the upcoming steps.

Products you’ll need:

The Chemical Guys created a YouTube video that helps you keep your white car clean.

We have distilled the tips they gave in text format below, with annotation and screenshots to help you follow along more easily.

Inspect your car closely.

A white car receives as much contamination as any other car–they are just more difficult to spot. So after washing it thoroughly, check every panel of the body for swirls, and dirt that need to be dealt with. It would be better to park in a shade, or inside your garage. If you do it inside your garage, having a work light will help you spot those areaes more easily. When you’re a newbie, it may be more difficult to do this, but as you get more practice, you’ll soon learn how to spot those dirt.

Pick the dirt off your car surface.

Once you identified the dirt you need to remove from your car, get a Waterless Wash & Wax solution. The Chemical guys (in the video above) recommend the EcoSmart RU brand, but you can also go to and buy the Meguiar’s. Same solution, different brand names.

  • Spray your car’s coat with this Waterless Wash & Wax solution. Tip: Don’t make it drip.
  • Give it about 15 seconds to agitate the dirt.
  • Get the microfiber towel and wipe it off in one direction. As you wipe it, give it a slight roll of your hand to prevent dirt from building up at the area where your wiping motion ends.
  • After doing this for the whole car, let it haze it up and then buff it off to help the wax shine.

Clay your white car.

The Ecowash will not remove all contaminants from the car’s coat. That is where claying comes in. Get the clay and prepare for some rubbing action.

  • Don’t forget to spray the spot you want to clay with a clay luber. If you use the clay by itself, you may end up scratching and damaging the coat.
  • Use just a third of the clay bar. Knead the clay into a small disc. Then rub the clay into the car: up and down, left and right.
  • When your clay gets dirty, just knead it again, and reuse it. This claying process prepares your car for waxing, which is the next step in the process.

Apply a protective coating.

This step will apply a protective layer on your car. It’s like a second skin or a force field if you will. You can use the Chemical Guy’s SS6 Protective Coating. But you can also check out other products.

  • Make sure that your car is cool to the touch. That means, it shouldn’t have been running for a long time. Probably best to do this in the morning, or in a shade or garage somewhere.
  • Spray the SS6 into the applicator. Then apply it in a single motion, panel by panel.
  • Buff it off with your microfiber towel.

Apply White Wax

If you want long-lasting protection for your car, apply a white wax. If you followed all the steps above and have used the SS6, applying a good white wax can provide protection to your car for as much as 2 years! If you use wax by itself, it will protect your car for 6 months.

By applying wax, you will also bring out the brightness of your car’s white coat. Here’s how to do it:

  • Apply the thinnest coat possible. Use your applicator pad and apply wax panel by panel.
  • After applying wax to the whole car, cure for 20 minutes. That’s how long it will take for the wax to dry and bond with the paint work.
  • Buff it off to reveal the bright white color.

If you want to see this in action, watch the following video.

A white car sounds like easy to maintain. And that’s half true. All cars are subject to the same contaminants and dirt. That is not an excuse for you to let go of regular cleaning of your car. But if you take care off it periodically, you will protect the coat of your white car, prevent dirt and rust, and keep your car for a long time!

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