Make Your Own Home Deicer

Winter is a beautiful time, the weather is chilly, and you wear all your warm snuggly clothes, drink warm hot chocolates, and enjoy the snowy days. It’s the time for snowmen, snow angels and whatnot.

However, in regions where there are high amounts of snowfall annually, snow can get old very quickly. This is because it accumulates on driveways and cars.

This can result in many problems. People have to wake up early in order to scrape the snow from their driveways and cars in order to get out of the house and go to schools, work, etc.

When ice forms on your windshield, you need to remove it. One option is to buy a deicer from Amazon or from your favorite auto supply shop.

Here’s how to make your own home deicer.

Vinegar and water

For this method, you only need vinegar, water, a spray bottle and a cloth rag. Simply mix three parts of vinegar and one part water and pour it in the spray bottle.

Use this spray bottle to spray the solution over your car windshield and other windows and leave it overnight. This will prevent ice from forming over your car windshield and windows. It is an easy and effective method, and since vinegar is readily available and cheap, the whole overall cost will also be less.

Rubbing alcohol and water

You can also use rubbing alcohol to make a home deicer. Mix two parts of isopropyl rubbing alcohol (you can buy one at a drugstore) and one part water and pour the solution in a spray bottle. When this is done, simply spray the solution on your car windshield. This solution will soften the ice and make remove it easily.

Another method is to use isopropyl rubbing alcohol and mixing it with dishwashing liquid. Mix the isopropyl rubbing alcohol and dishwashing liquid in equal parts and pour it in a spray bottle.

After this, spray this solution and allow the mixture to soften the windshield. Afterwards, clean the ice off with a rag. This will not only remove the snow, but will also clean it.

Sometimes, however, this solution will only soften the ice. If it is too thick, you may need to use a scraper first.

Salt and water

This is also a very effective method. For this method, you will need salt, water and a large towel. Simply dissolve salt in water. Then dip the large towel in this salt solution and place it over your windshield. Make sure that the towel is only damp, and not dripping wet when placing it over the windshield.

This will prevent your windshield from getting iced over during the night. The towel can also be reused for the next night if it is kept in a bag and placed in water again when it is time to deice.

Rubbing alcohol and wiper fluid

This homemade deicer will deice your frozen windshield wipers. For this, you will need Isopropyl rubbing alcohol and wiper fluid. Simply pour the rubbing alcohol in your wiper fluid reservoir. This will prevent your windshield wipers from freezing over.


As a final note, you will need to wash your car after heavy snow. Your deicer can corrode your car paint and metal and will lead to rust if they are not washed away.

You also need to keep a handy snow brush and ice scraper to help you remove heavy snow and ice on your car.

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