Places Where Parking is Never Permitted

Unlike driving, parking seems to be a piece of cake but you will be astounded to find that it is not as straight forward as you thought it might be. You cannot just park anywhere you want. There are rules governing public spaces.

Here are the places where parking is never permitted.

If you break these rules, you may get a ticket, or worse, your car may be clamped or towed.

Between two parking spots

This one is pretty obvious, if the place has been clearly marked as parking spots–that is there are lines demarcating each parking spot–then parking between them is not only very rude but also against the law. So, if you are thinking about parking between the two spaces then you probably shouldn’t and find a proper spot instead.

Unless you want to experience some bad parking revenge like the video below:


Intersections are pretty basic too. If you are parking on or too near an intersection then you will most likely disrupt the traffic. There are clear rules about parking in or near intersection as to avoid any problems. There are drivers that are going to be coming fast at an intersection. If you park near an intersection, you are endangering other drivers and they could hit your car if they don’t see it because of the intersection.

Fire lanes

Emergencies are, well… unexpected so it is very important to keep a fire lane open. An occupied fire lane might cause a disruption in getting help or even a delay.There are even laws against parking on fire lanes. Don’t be the car that gets bumped by the fire truck or emergency vehicle in case they need to be in the space where you parked.

Bus stops

Many people are seen to park in bus stops and that is probably one of the worst places to park. Your car will disrupt the way of public transport. Another problem is that it is possible to get stuck if you happen to park on a bus stop.

If you really need to park on the street, look for safe spaces. You can also use your Maps app to look for parking.

Green strips

One of the most common and overly used places to park are the green strips that are scattered around town. It is not okay to park on these because they are for people. Urban areas needs a little bit of nature to make sure that the pollution does not get out of hand. Most green spaces are also for pedestrians and cyclists. Don’t endanger people by parking in these areas.

Zebra crossings

Parking in zebra crossing is unsafe and illegal. The reason for that is that zebra crossing is strictly reserved for pedestrians and parking there can be the cause of an accident because when the cars are passing this spot, they tend to go fast and that can mean that they might hit your parked car.

Bike lanes

Bikes are not as fast as cars. If there is a dedicated bike lane, you should respect those. Don’t ever park there. There are people who do park in this lane and that is why so many bike accidents occur and collision between a car and bike takes place. So, it is always safer to stay clear of bike lanes and find a proper parking spot instead.

Bus lanes

Buses are a mean of transportation for a lot of people. So, if you are parked on a bus lane then you are blocking the way of the bus and that means that you are actually causing a lot of people trouble. It is always a better idea to stay clear of public transportation pathways.

On a bend

There are drivers that tend to drive recklessly and that means that they will not be careful when it comes to drive on a bent road. That is why, it is not safe to park in a bend because that could result in an accident. That is why a bend in the road should be avoided.

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