A Review of Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

The Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter is an Amazon bestseller. It’s a compact jump starter that does the job for most sedan, small trucks, motorcycle, boat, your tractor, or RV. It’s highly portable and easy to bring with you wherever you go. So if you’re traveling to visit friends or family with a car with battery and starting problems, then you should definitely consider this.

A cool added feature of this jump starter is the alarm that will sound if you placed the clamps incorrectly. Here are the specs of this unit so you’d know exactly what you’re signing up for if you choose this product:

500 Amp instant starting power with 1000 peak battery amps. The unit also comes with a 120-PSI air compressor. That should come handy, too, for emergencies on the road. This unit comes with charging plugs–both for USB and for DC. If you encounter an emergency at night, it also comes with a high-powered LED light, which you can rotate for 270 degrees. Pretty neat huh.

Additional info you should know:

Brand: Stanley
Item Weight: 18 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 8 x 13.5 inches
Voltage: 12 volts

If you do choose this brand, make sure to make up your mind. It’s considered as hazmat (hazardous material), so you cannot return it.

What they say about the Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

On the whole, this unit received a lot of positive reviews from buyers and customers. It’s average rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars at Amazon.com. In most cases, that should be a pretty good indication that this is a solid unit, which will help you deal with emergencies related to your car batteries. But here are several more concrete reviews that can help you decide if this is the right unit for you.

Here’s a review from J.Doerr

This thing is a life saver. Off of one charge, it’s jump started over five cars and one was an Avalanche with a stone dead battery. The battery has held a charge for over a year, even being in my trunk the whole time. On top of being beefy enough to start every vehicle I’ve attached it to, there are little bells and whistles that add to the overall wow. There’s an attached LED mini-spotlight comparable to a medium mag-lite, an air compressor and – get this – a USB port AND a socket similar to your car’s cigarette lighter in case you want to power/charge a gadget for hours at a time without being near a computer. This thing has some heft but I didn’t find it obnoxiously heavy. It certainly weighed less than a regular car battery!

1. Portable
2. Powerful
3. Simple to use
4. Easy to understand charge meter
5. Attached LED light for use at night
6. Includes a USB port
7. Includes a cigarette lighter socket (and cord) for both powering gadgets and slow trickle charging your car’s battery.

Another positive review from Kyle Moody

Right out of the box, mine was fully charged and inflated 4 flat tires to 44psi on battery power with no problem and still shows full charge on the indicator.

This one is lighter than my old one and my old one has no compressor.
The compressor gauge has a light inside when the compressor is running (great feature)

the air hose could be a little longer, but it was just the right length to sit next to the wheel and plug into the valve stem. If you have 20+ inch wheels you may have to move your car to put your valve stem on the side or bottom. I used it on 14″ wheels with 65profile tires and it reached the top just fine.

the jumper cables for that matter might be shorter than some would like.

The little led light on the side is adequate, but puts out JUST enough light to see the valve stem and does not have much articulation.

it’s an attractive unit, well put together and surprisingly lightweight.

What you should watch out for:

The one negative I have on this thing is the power switch for the air compressor is on the back and is not protected. In other words it could in theory be flipped on and drain the battery. So when you need to jump your car the starter would be dead. I wish they put a cover or moved the switch but honestly it would take a perfect mistake for that to get turned on so it’s really not that critical. To prevent this from potentially happening I actually went down to Target and bought 2 milk crates,one for me and one for my wife. I put a jump starter, first aid kit, oil, etc in the crate so it’s essentially the roadside emergency crate and also protects the jumpstarter from getting knocked around and/or turned on.

Here’s a negative review from Jerry Laughlin, a fair warning that this product is not returnable.

Warning! This jump starter/inflator is not returnable, and mine worked to inflate only a single tire then quit and would not charge again, nothing. $80 and a total waste. I did read the instructions, and I did see the indication of this product as non-returnable, but I thought I could take a chance on a name brand. I lost, but I hope you don’t experience the same disappointment. The no-return policy is equivalent to fraud, in my opinion. The policy tries to justify no return because of some hazardous materials shipping concern, but the same product was obviously safe to ship to me. I say again, I was warned, and so are you. Before you order this product, ask yourself if you can afford to lose this amount of money for a non-returnable and obviously unreliable product. If you buy locally, at least you can return it. I have used Amazon for dozens and dozens of products each year, but now I am rethinking even Amazon as a source when Amazon participates in this kind of no-return policy for an unreliable product. Do not repeat my mistake…

To read more reviews or get more information about this jumpstarter, please click here to go to Amazon.com


In spite of some problems associated with the heaviness of this product, it’s still a good product that does the job. You just need to be mindful of the risks of buying because it is not returnable.

5 Comments A Review of Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

  1. Jeff Douglas

    I checked the voltage for the first time out of the box. This is after sitting in the garage for 6 months after purchase. Checked in @ 12.14Vdc… Charged for 12 hours then unplugged 120V GFCI, source. Checked in @ 13.65 V but while keeping the volt meter on the respective terminals I watched the voltage drop (.10) volts in 30 seconds. After 2 hours of sitting “off Charge” it read 13.58 V. Total charging time at this point is 18 hours. May need to charge longer.
    A note about the charging terminal pins. They are both the same size on this unit. It is unsure if you have the polarity correct when plugging into the 12 AWG 36″ extension cord which has the two different size pins. ( When the pins has one prong larger than the other, the larger one is negative. ) This Stanley Model-J5C09 should come with a cord that would match up correctly to the pins. Could this be why a review I read alluded to a “no-return policy” ?

  2. Susan

    I have ordered this unit and have no experience with jumping a vehicle. I usually call AAA for service, but already 2 calls this year. My old 1993 Ranger states I have a 12 volt starting system and to use only a 12 volt jumping system. I don’t run it much. Can I use this Stanley right out of the box after charging it first? The manual I read online states something about a 12 volt adapter which confused me. Do I need it charge to charge the battery?

    1. Aaron

      Hi Susan, I think it’s better to charge the jumpstarter first before using it on your ranger. That way, you’re sure that it has the power it needs to start your ranger.


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