A Review of TaoTronics dashcam HD 1080P Wide Angle with G-Sensor


TaoTronics Dashcam HD 1080p is a good dashboard camera under $100 worth giving a try to help you record footage while you’re driving.


About $75

Average Ratings

4.4 Out of 5 Stars (based on 200 reviews)


  • This dashcam gives you Full HD 1080p/30fps footage to capture the major details of any crash.
  • It comes with a 2.7″LCD screen, a windshield mount, USB cable, car charger and a 32Gb superspeed class 10 orignal Sandisk TF card.
  • It has Night-vision, Six-Glass lens and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, as well as Loop recording.
  • It has the Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor), which can lock current DVR recordering during critical moments.
  • It comes with an automatic ON/OFF, which syncs with the car engine
  • 12 month Warranty

taotronics2This camera will help you capture footage while you’re driving without breaking the bank! A lot of the really good cameras are expensive. But this TaoTronics, which costs under $100 is a good find.

The 32 GB SD card can record up to 5 hours worth of footage before it starts deleting other videos.

The camera can be setup so that it syncs with the power of the car. That means that it will turn on when you start the car and it will stop recording a few minutes after turning the engine off.

Here are several comments from the review of a verified customer;

– The suction cup worked really well for me. Never fell of, and actually hard to remove once in place. A suggestion is to make sure to clean your windshield if it causes problems.

– The plastic mount is OK — the attachment bevel piece leaves to desire and the camera tends to shift left/right a bit or bounce up/down during rides. One workaround I found is to secure the power cord to fix the camera in the desired position to compensate.

– The power cord itself is a nice long USB cable, which I measure to be actually 10 feet between plugs; it was a really good length for me, going all the way up and around the windshield and back to the plug in the center console.

– The documentation is tiny and hard to read but that wasn’t an issue for me. I had to guess some of the functionality.

– The mount is on top of the camera. It’s obviously designed to be placed on top of your windshield. There is no option to have the mount below the camera on the dashboard rather than hanging from the top of the windshield. A friend of mine just worked around that by using velcro taped to the bottom.

– The buttons on the back of the camera are annoying — there are 6 of them, they are nicely sized and easy to use… except the symbols on them is merely a white-on-white indentation that is impossible to see. Workaround is to use a black marker to outline the symbols.

– The G sensor feature didn’t work for me. Supposedly the camera detects hard accelerations or stops and mark these video segments as read-only so they don’t get deleted. I didn’t find any useful pattern and it kept randomly marking segments even when I wasn’t stopping. The seller recommended setting it to low. Instead I just disabled the feature has I actually want the camera to record all the time and just overwrite everything. Obviously the more video segments get locked, the less space there is left on the sdcard for continuous recording.

– I also had to deactivate the motion-based recording, as the camera didn’t record the full trips. It would just skip whole segments, yet the car was moving. I want a continuous recording anyway instead of a “smart” option, so that doesn’t matter as long as I can turn it off.

The instructions does not come with labels, but with symbols. This might be confusing for some people.The wiring may also be confusing to install. because of the 90-degree macro USB cable. One reviewer remarked that a straight line macro USB cable would have been better.

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