Save Money on Gas with Kroger Plus Card – as much as $1 per Gallon!

Gas prices had declined in 2015. But that should not deter you from saving money on gas. For people who rely on their cars to move around from home to work, and to all the places we love to shop and visit, every penny saved on gas means extra money for ourselves. Who wouldn’t want to save money, right?

Thankfully, you can save some money through Kroger’s Plus Card. You can save as much as $1 per gallon up to 35 gallons! Read on to find out how:

1. Get a Kroger Plus Card

You will spend money on groceries anyway, you might as well rack up those points and redeem them in the form of Fuel Rewards. Kroger is a great place to buy groceries–their produce section has a lot of choices, their prices are reasonable and not too expensive, and they have a great selection of store brands to choose from.

Kroger_Plus_cardGet a Kroger Plus Card if you haven’t done so already.

It gives you access to tons of savings and discounts in store. But more importantly, it gives you the chance to save money on gas when you fill up your tank at Kroger Fuel Stations or participating Shell Stations.

You can get a Kroger Plus Card online at but I suggest going to the Customer Service section of the store to get your Plus Card. You get two small cards, which you can hang from your car keys; and another one that’s as big as your credit card.

2. Use your Kroger Plus Card every time you buy grocery.

Just give your Plus Card to the counter attendant. It would also be handy to memorize or keep your Manual/Alt ID on your phone. You can manually enter your Plus Card number at the register before you make a payment if you don’t have the card with you.

Every dollar you spend is equivalent to 1 Fuel Point. So in any given month, if you spent $500 on grocery, you will have 500 fuel points, which will lead to a $0.50 discount per gallon!

Kroger also runs some promotions from time to time, and you can get 4X Fuel points on gift cards if you buy one at the right time.

So, how many fuel points do you need to save money on gas?

100 points = 10¢ discount per gallon
500 points = 50¢ discount per gallon
1,000 points = $1 discount per gallon

So, do you need to spend $1,000 on grocery every month to save $1 per gallon? That would be an awful way to save a few bucks. Nope! Not really. there’s a great way to earn more fuel points: buy gift cards!

3. Rack up more Fuel Points by buying Gift Cards

If you also buy a lot of things on Amazon, or on any other store for that matter, buy gift cards to earn more Fuel Points. Every dollar you spend on gift card at Kroger will give you 2X the Fuel points. So a $50 Amazon gift card is equivalent to 100 fuel points.

And if you’re feeling sneaky about it, you can even buy a Shell Gift Card and use that to pay at Shell Station while enjoying the discount from your Kroger Plus Card.

4. Fill up your tank at Shell or Kroger Fuel Stations.


Not every Kroger has a fuel station, that’s why the grocery store chain has a partnership with some Shell Stations so you can use your fuel points.

If you’re at a Kroger Fuel Station, you just scan your Plus Card and you will automatically enjoy the discount from your Fuel Points. If you’re at a Shell Station, however, you need to insert the big Plus Card or manually enter your Manual/Alt ID to avail the discount. Take note, though, that not every Shell station accepts this. Better check Kroger’s website and search for participating stations.

Kroger5. Maximize your fuel savings.

If your car’s capacity is 15 gallons, a 50¢ per gallon discount will save you $7.5. Not bad. But did you know that you can use your Fuel Points savings for up to 35 gallons?

You can fill up your car, your spouse’s or your neighbor’s car if you’re feeling generous and still have room for some extra gallons of gas. So be creative and maximize your savings.

And one more thing, those fuel points expire on the last day of the next month so don’t forget to use them. Older fuel points will get used first.

To keep track of your Fuel Points, go to the Kroger website, login to your account and look for FUEL under the “Departments” tab.

I suggest taking note of how much money you save on gas by using your Kroger Plus Card. Better yet, if you have a “Car Fund,” put all the amounts you save from fuel into that fund.

For more information, go to this link:


Pretty simple, right? Whenever you get a chance to save money, take it! Kroger is a good, solid grocery chain, and by using their Plus Card, you can save money on gas.


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