How long can you stay on your parent’s car insurance?

Obviously, I am not a financial planner so please do your due diligence and do not take this article as financial or legal advice. 

Having a car insurance is always a must! Not only is it a legal necessity, but it also provides car owners with a lot of advantages. Any accident, big or small, your car insurance can cover the repair expenses (within the coverage levels, of course). This means that by paying a relatively small amount of premium, you can claim insurance for big damages to your car.

However, with families having grown up children and multiple cars, paying premium for every single vehicle can be pretty expensive. Especially for children living off their own, the burden of paying insurance premium can be very stretching. After all, their part-time jobs only pay so much!

The smartest solution for such situations is to keep children included in the household vehicle insurance policy. This way, they will have to pay smaller premium amounts while getting just the same benefits.

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