How to Take Care of Car Paint

For most car drivers, “judging a book by its cover” means judging a car by its paint. Don’t neglect the outward look of your car! Here’s how to take care of car paint.

how to take care of car paint

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Like many things that are worth doing, maintaining your car paint requires some time investment. You can do it yourself if you have time. But if you are busy and have some cash to spare, then just take it to a car wash and detailing company.

Here are several tips on how to take care of car paint.

Washing your car.

Depending on your location and how you use your car, you may need to have a carwash at least two times a month. For areas that are near the sea, in polluted cities, or if you just go near lots of trees, bugs, grime, and dirt, once a week (or more) may be ideal.

Washing your car will remove dirt and grime and prevent the accumulation of corrosive dirt that could lead to corrosion and rusting of your car’s body. Rust is not a pretty sight. Besides, it can slowly eat away at your car until it starts falling apart.

Choose a proper wax for polishing

Consider getting a wax for your car. Since your car is brand spanking, shiny, new, a wax could help protect the paint. Choose a wax that is compatible with your car’s color. You can apply the wax manually by yourself. But for best results, consider getting it to a professional detailing shop who may have the powertools that could polish your car to perfection.

You may need to reapply wax every few months. But make sure not to overuse such products because they may reduce the shine of your car’s color. So use such products only after you have verified its compatibility and know how to use it.

Paint Conditioners

Paint conditioners can provide a good amount of protection after you have bought a new car or recently did a paint job. Avoid using abrasive paint conditioners as they can pull the shine off your car body. Make sure to use paint conditioners that will provide protection against abrasion. Spray them over your car in small amounts. Don’t hesitate to take an expert help if you aren’t sure about what you’re doing.

Use Proper Cleaning Materials

Avoid scratching the exterior of the vehicle by using soft terry clothes. Use the right materials with care. You will not want any scratches on the surface of your car, especially if it is brand spanking new.Be sure to follow the instructions properly, or you could cause more harm than not.


To ensure the longevity of your car paint, you can do more than just following the previous tips. As your car gets old, its outer metal can become vulnerable to oxidization. If you have repainted your car but its metal has become fragile then the shiny new color of your car will remain of no use as the exterior will start to get damaged. Thus, it is extremely important to undercoat your car and making it rust proof. This will provide a better and long lasting protection to the surface of the exterior of your vehicle as well as help you preserve the paint, especially in humid parts of the world.

Fix Scratches Immediately

Scratches are an ordinary part of owning a car. Sometimes they could be caused by your recklessness or minor mistake. Or some dumbass driver grazes your car. Either way, scratches can mar your car’s beauty. But it’s not just about the look of your car, you need to fix scratches immediately so they don’t become the starting point of rust.

You can use touch up paint to cover the scratch and then you can use a rubbing compound to make the surface look smooth. But the same procedure cannot be followed if the scratch is a deeper one. A scratch on the surface of the paint is easily recoverable but if the metal of the car is greatly exposed, it will be a good idea to look for a professional help. They will sand off the nearby paints and repaint that part after applying a layer of primer.

Before buying any products from the market to keep the paint of your car intact, you should check the type of products you need and the type of paint that has been used for better compatibility and longevity. Once the selection of products has been done, you can follow the above tips to keep the new paint of your car spotless and lively.

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