How to Wash a New Car

Got a new ride? Here’s how to wash a new car.

So you’ve just got your dream car and wonder if you should wash it or not, and if you do, how you should wash it. Only with the right maintenance and washing can you keep it looking new for a longer time. No matter how new the car may be, it’s not immune to harsh environmental elements like rain, snow, or extreme heat.

newkeysWhile the same car care methods are employed to clean both old and new cars, you just have to spend a little more time on older cars to remove defects like swirls, oxidation and scratches.


Wash your new car as soon as you reach home. Washing your car is the number one cause for swirl marks, avoid this by using a high quality car wash shampoo, wash mitt and microfiber drying towels. Use two buckets to avoid swirl-one for your car wash solution and the other for rinsing your mitt.


Next, clay your new car to remove any stuck bonded surface contamination which a normal wash does not remove. Though the car may be new to you, it was manufactured some time back. It had spent time in the factory waiting for transport and then was waiting in the car lot waiting to be bought by you. So during all this time, lots of floating dirt and dust had definitely found its way onto your car.

A detail clay is not a substitute for polishing your paint. Claying is done before polishing to remove the contaminants which roughen your paint and make it easier for dirt and grime to stick to your car. Claying your car prepares it for its polishing and protecting.

Polishing and waxing

Now you need to polish your car to remove any stains and paint defects to help enhance the overall shine of the car. It also helps prepare your car paint for its paint protectant, sealant or wax.

Your car’s clear coat is not a protective layer. It’s just tough clear paint which protects your color coat to add more depth to the shine. What you need to protect your car from harsh environmental elements and prevent premature aging is car wax, paint protection or paint sealant. Off the lot, car wax is old school and provides comparatively less protection than advanced paint sealants.


Once you are done with the polishing, you need to maintain your new car with normal washes and quick detailing in between washes. Quick detailers are waterless washes which puts the finishing touch to a freshly detailed vehicle.

It helps remove streaks, fresh water spots, dust and other light contaminants. It’s also better if you always keep a quick detailer in your car. You never know when you will need it for a quick cleanup of bird bombs while on the road!

So when you buy your new car, do not think that it cannot look better. It can, with early washing and detailing which helps protect and prolong the gloss and shine of your car!


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