Top driving mistakes that new drivers make

If you’re a new driver, you can make a lot of mistakes. You’re probably nervous or worried that you may hit a pedestrian or hit the curb or bump onto a stationary object. Sometimes new drivers don’t even know that they have made some mistakes. Let’s take a look at some of the top driving mistakes that new drivers make.

Mistakes from less experienced drivers

Driving schools train drivers so they can deal with lot of things within the shortest time possible. They are trained to drive defensively and stay safe on the road. But if one of your parents or family members taught you how to drive, you may pick their good and bad driving habits.

Usually, new drivers feel a lot of pressure. The thought that other drivers on the road are more experienced than they. New drivers may feel like inferior drivers. Of course, this will lead to more anxiety and worry, which in turn, can lead to more mistakes on the road.

If an inexperienced driver wants to step on the brakes suddenly, there’s a chance for confusion. If they step on the accelerator instead of the brake, then that could lead to an accident. New drivers need to keep their calm and drive safely by keeping a safe distance from other cars.

Another common mistake made by new drivers is the confusion or inability to understand traffic rules and regulations. One reason for this is that they lack proper knowledge about road signals. For example a driver may come across a STOP sign, but may not always stop. A new driver may keep going forward and this can lead to accidents.

Also, experienced drivers take for granted that they are multi-tasking all the time. They step on the accelerator to keep going or speed up; step on the brakes to stop; while paying attention to the road and their surroundings, as well as to traffic signs. This can be overwhelming for new students.

New drivers may also find it difficult to calculate distances. There is a tendency to miscalculate the distance or curve needed for turning. People assume that since they are turning at a corner, no other cars or people would come from opposite direction. This mistake can be avoided by focusing on your driving and slowing down when you encounter a turning or a corner.

Some People tend to take medicines before driving. Some medicines can make people drowsy. Driving while drowsy is a major issue. It is not just alcohol that can make you sleepy. Some drugs and medicines have same effect. Avoid consumption of these medicines and drugs before driving.

New drivers tend to rely on rear view mirrors when backing out. New drivers may not have a good idea of the size and length of a vehicle. The spatial impression given by those mirrors are slightly distorted. The best way to back up the car for beginners is to turn your head and look back through the rear window of your car. This way, you can calculate the distance more accurately as you back up your car.

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